10 Creative Ways to Decorate with Cloches

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I was going to title this roundup of ten creative uses for cloches to decorate your home as ‘Cloches, 10 Ways’ until I discovered that wouldn’t rhyme. Come to think of it, the current title doesn’t rhyme either.  Phooey.


Did you know cloche was pronounced “klohsh” and not “klo-shay?”  I learned that on Top Chef, by the way.  In my head I’ve been pronouncing it “klo-shay” for years.

That’s what I get for not taking French in high school.

Thankfully Willow House makes it easy, they just call it a dome.  I’ve had a field day playing with my Tall Glass Dome and Villa Pedestal from Willow House, so here’s a few fun ways to decorate your home for every season using this versatile accessory.  {I was so obsessed, I even started an entire Pinterest Board if you are searching for additional ideas.}

I’ve literally been collecting ideas for over a year, so here’s bunches to keep you entertained no matter what the season…

10 Creative Ways to Decorate with Cloches

#1: Corks
As I’ve mentioned before, when we celebrate with wine we save the cork and write the event and date on the side.  My apothecary jar of corks was overflowing (don’t judge) so I moved them to the dome. Now I can see all our happy events in one spot.  Do I detect a 34th birthday in there?


#2: Cupcakes and Baked Goods
Baked goods look even more delicious under a dome.  So fancy!

{source: Design Sponge}
picture a dome over the cookies; this was just too cute not to share:

#3: Plants
Don’t they look even more fantastic under glass?  I stuck this little vintage duck planter under the dome, but there are so many ideas.  You could create your own terrarium by placing plants creatively underneath.

#4:  Goodies for Your Sweetie
As a way to say “thanks” to my husband for the gift of sleeping in, I placed a donut and Starbucks Via under the dome and left it where he could see it.  Makes the pain of a 5:30AM wakeup call from our darling Baby Bee a bit easier to bear.


#5:  Lemons
Quick tip: don’t leave them under glass for longer than a few hours because they tend to off-gas or do something that makes the lemons smell terrible!  Which is not normal for lemons, trust me.  Ask me how I know this.  😉


#5: Holiday Decor
Use your coupons to score cheap seasonal candy or decorative items and fill up the dome.  Or stick collectibles under glass for some instant holiday decor.  Here’s a few ideas:

Easter: Ceramic Ducks, Jellybeans, Easter Grass
Halloween: Fake Owls, Spanish Moss, Candy Corn, Mini-Pumpkins
Christmas: Jingle Bells, Ornaments, Tinsel
Valentine’s Day: Conversation Hearts, Vintage Valentines, folded paper doily hearts

For Halloween I placed a {fake} owl under glass with some Spanish Moss.  It was cute, pinky swear!


#6: Mementos

Old photos and mementos can be placed in frames or propped under domes to showcase these special memories.  Here are the ones I want to put in there:

… and here’s one way to do that, courtesy of the internet.

{source: Boxwood Cottage}


#7: Pinecones

Many of us can find these right in our own backyard.  They’d look great during Christmas but also during the rest of the winter as well.  Free AND easy?  Hold me.

{source: Urban Farm Girl}


#8: Shells and Beach Glass

Each summer when I return from vacation my dome immediately gets the beach treatment!


#9: Put a Bird in It

I used a cheese dome picked up at a thrift store for this one.  Cheese domes are great, in theory– but as cloches for decorating they are pretty narrow.  This nest was about all I could fit under it!

The key attached to the knob is super adorable.


#10: Flowers

Pop colorful buds in a vase for instant happiness.  Or fill it with fluffy flowers like hydrangea without a vase for a beautiful and elegant display.

{source: Willow House}

Whew!  Those are 10 ideas that’ll keep you busy for months.  Many thanks to Willow House for letting me play with the Tall Glass Dome and Villa Pedestal.  I couldn’t find the pedestal in the catalog anymore, but you could a riser like this Eclipse Reversible Riser.

Or, how adorable are the Amelia Thimble Domes?  Perfectly sized for single serving treats or placecards. So stinkin’ sweet.

What would you put under a dome/cloche?  Did anyone else think it was pronounced ‘clo-shay’ too, or is it my French-deprived upbringing?  And how happy do those tulips under the dome make you?!  For me, VERY HAPPY.
Many thanks to Nanci Burt and Willow House for providing the Tall Glass Dome and Villa Pedestal for review.  I was not compensated for this post and as always, all opinions are 100% my own.

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  1. Lots of fabulous ideas!

  2. LOVE the tulips! Very, very happy!!
    Love how you save your wine corks, too…so sweet and special!!
    And, I didn’t even know what a cloche was….needless to say, didn’t know how to pronounce it!! ha ha!

  3. #1 – I didn’t even know what a cloches was!
    #2 – I need to have one now!

  4. I found this post super helpful Carrie. Thank you!

  5. Love the ideas! I usually think of them as season extenders in the garden. My favorite use was the Easter display. I’ll have to try that with mine.

  6. It is pronounced Cloche like Clutch (minus the T sound). I’m not going to say that it’s your lack of French, but if you’re exposed to more Hispanic culture I could see why you would have thought it was Clo-chay. 😉

  7. Fact: everything looks better under a cloche. Great inspiration!

  8. I looked all over the Internet trying to find the word for “glass dome displays” as it completely escaped me. My search led me here, so THANK YOU for putting me out of my misery and helping me to remember it’s “cloche!” Love all the ideas… everything does look better under a cloche. Amazing how that works! ~M

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