10 Best Gifts for Guys (That He’ll Actually Use)

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Gifts that he'll actually use and love (the BEST gifts for guys this year!) Holiday Gift Guide for Guys 2015

Let's face it, personalities vary so much from person to person I'm never going to find the *perfect* gift that will fit *every* guy. However, there's a reason why most gift guides hit upon certain categories each year; sometimes the cliche is there because it's true. That being said, a guy can only receive so many Homebrew Beer kits before they throw their hands up and say, "enough!" In order to find the BEST gifts for guys this year, my husband helped build this list so it's guy tested and … [Read more...]

15 Best Holiday Gifts for Kids {Kid Tested, Parent Approved!}

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Here's the BEST holiday gifts for kids 2015; kid tested, parent approved!

It's beginning to look a lot like... okay, well, maybe it isn't exactly looking like Christmas around here but it sure is feeling like it. If you like to get your holiday shopping done early or take advantage of Black Friday sales, I've got your back with our annual Holiday Gift Guides rolling out this week and next! With our regularly scheduled recipes, DIY ideas, and lifestyle posts sprinkled in too of course. ;-) We're kicking it off with our picks for the BEST of the BEST holiday gifts for … [Read more...]

DIY Gift Idea: Lavender Sachets with FREE Printable Labels

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DIY Lavender Sachets (and other DIY gift ideas using essential oils for EVERYONE on your Christmas list!)

Happy Monday! I'm in full holiday mode over here, the {happy} chaos has begun! I'm popping in today with a simple DIY gift idea-- Lavender Essential Oil Sachets. You can use any essential oil you love, however lavender has specific qualities that make it perfect for using in closets and drawers... namely, moths find it abhorrent. No matter how clean your home may be, even the best of us experience moths so help keep the peace by tucking these among your sweaters and in drawers. The lavender … [Read more...]

Fashion Friday: Chic & Wearable Winter Outfits

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Casual and chic outfits for winter! Love that her daily mom style (fashion over 40) can be comfortable yet fun.

Happy Friday! What a whirlwind of a month, can you believe Thanksgiving is next week? This time last week I was attending Young Living Beauty School just outside of Park City, Utah.  The schedule called for 'business casual' dress, and since it's been awhile since I've had to dress business anything I found a few gorgeous pieces to get me not only through the weekend, but also for teaching classes, attending meetings, and the upcoming holidays. Plus I got to wear my favorite traveling outfit, … [Read more...]

15 Beautiful Christmas Outdoor Lighting DIY Ideas

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These gorgeous DIY outdoor Christmas lighting ideas are sure to bring joy over the holidays! The first idea is my favorite!

'Tis the season for light! Last year's post on gorgeous ways to use Christmas string lights went bananas, so it's apparent how much people are embracing light as the days get shorter and the nights longer. These 15 DIY outdoor lighting ideas for Christmas will add that wonderful glow to your home so enticingly that I won't blame you if you don't take them down until spring. ;-) If you love an idea, be sure to click the link and visit the sourced website to get the full tutorial. These … [Read more...]

Free Printable Holiday Wish List for Kids

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Free Printable Christmas Wishlist for Kids

I don't know how it works in your family, but in mine, I like to get most of my Christmas shopping finished before the start of the month. I realize many people like to 'respect the turkey' and wait until after Thanksgiving, but for me, that adds to my stress level. By starting before Thanksgiving, I can usually get everything purchased, wrapped, and sent so I can spend this special season with my family instead of the crowded stores and frazzled lines at the post office. Plus, it allows time to … [Read more...]

25 Most Pinned Side Dish Recipes (for Thanksgiving and Christmas!)

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Check out the 25 MOST PINNED side dish recipes, perfect for Thanksgiving and Christmas!

Let's face it, turkey may be the 'star' of the Thanksgiving meal but what we really crave are those incredible side dishes! Stuffing, potatoes, gravy, cranberry sauce, the works-- side dishes are the jewels in the Thanksgiving crown. So which recipes are the BEST of the BEST? Here are 25 of the MOST PINNED side dishes, perfect not only for your Thanksgiving table but for all your special meals, holidays and beyond. Slow Cooker Creamed Corn | Damn Delicious Honey Maple Roasted Carrots | The … [Read more...]

Fashion Favorites: Winter is Coming!

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Winter Fashion Finds-- great picks for staying warm in style all winter long!

Winter is coming, are you ready? I've been scouting out and stocking up on these fashion favorites in preparation for the upcoming winter season. When I'm running around in the snow and the ice, I also like to feel stylish, and these picks fit the bill. Each year I add a few more items to my wardrobe to make winter more bearable, whether it's the perfect boots or coziest blanket scarf. I'd planned to post this on Friday (a 'Fashion Favorites Friday, to be exact) but there were a few sales I … [Read more...]

25 Thanksgiving Hacks That’ll Blow Your Mind

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These Thanksgiving Hacks are going to blow your mind, and make Thanksgiving meal prep easier than ever-- why didn't I think of them first?!

Thanksgiving is a wonderful holiday, filled with friends, food, and family. But for the person making the meal, it can be overwhelming to make sure each dish comes out at the right temperature, on time, and deliciously tasty, too. Oh, THE PRESSURE! Stop stressing, it's all going to be okay. I've rounded up some of the most helpful, kooky, and simply genius 25 Thanksgiving hacks for everything from meal prep to the decor. These tips will take the stress off of serving the big meal and put the … [Read more...]

DIY Throw Blanket Tutorial (stay warm all season!)

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Great tutorial for how to make an EASY throw blanket and stay cozy all winter long! Love this-- would make great DIY gifts or stadium blankets for Game Day too!

Even with the warm fall we've been enjoying, that seasonal chill is in the air-- the 'grab the blankets and a coffee and cuddle in front of the fireplace' kind of chill. I'm always cold, even in summer, so our house is strewn with throw blankets. I add a few each year and it never seems to be enough! Each family member has their favorite, and when I spotted flannels on sale at the fabric store recently I decided to grab a few yards and see what I could do. After some measuring, cutting, and … [Read more...]

Fall Fashion Picks: My Daily Mom Style

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Fashion finds for daily mom style! (shhhh... fashion over 40 can be stylish and fun!)

Hey hey everyone! You know I'm #NotAFashionBlogger, but do love me some stylish clothes once in awhile. Truth be told, most days I'm in workout clothes coming straight from the gym; but for days when I have appointments or other 'real life' commitments, I like to be comfortably casual with a bit of fresh style thrown in there.  It's important to me to feel good when I'm out and about, and part of that is loving what I'm wearing. If I can inspire a few people to feel the same way then I consider … [Read more...]

How to Make Money From Your Decluttered Cast-offs {KonMari Method 101}

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Are you tidying your home using the KonMari method? Here's how to declutter and make money from your castoffs!

As I've mentioned before, the craze sparked by renowned organization expert Marie Kondo and her book, The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up, is sweeping the world-- and with good reason. People are fed up with the endless cycle of moving around stuff; the cycle of decluttering, organizing, storing, repeat. I'm about two months into the KonMari process, and breathing easier each day! It sounds drastic to reduce your clutter by 50% or more, but the joyful feeling you get as you take control and … [Read more...]

Quick Halloween Craft Ideas for Kids

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Now that my kids are in elementary school, the adorable preschool-type seasonal crafts that used to come home are few and far between. It's making me nostalgic for those days of tissue paper squares, glue, and googly eyes! When I pulled out the fall and Halloween decorations this year, I was reminded of a few kids' craft favorites from yesteryear-- pumpkin lanterns, mummy jars, and more. What's especially ingenious is how these teachers made them using common household items like spaghetti sauce … [Read more...]

Leftover Halloween Candy S’Mores

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OMG these look so good! Great way to use leftover Halloween candy: Halloween Candy S'Mores with Pumpkin Spice marshmallows!

I'll be honest-- when I was a kid, there was no such thing as 'leftover Halloween candy'. That stuff was gonzo in a day or two flat. But times have changed; less of us are allowing all night binge fests and more are stretching out the Halloween haul to last for several weeks. No judgement here; do what you must! But *if* you happen to have leftover Halloween candy or are planning a Halloween party, these tasty treats are sure to be a hit: Leftover Halloween Candy S'Mores! I first spotted this … [Read more...]

Fall Fashion Favorite: Ponchos

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Ponchos are the perfect fall accessory, here's our favorites!

To me, there's no more perfect fall outerwear than the poncho.  For some reason, they make me swoon. I can't describe it except that it's in my blood. To prove how legit I am with my poncho love, check out this photo from when I was 2. Two years old, rocking a one next to my (also poncho-clad) beautiful mama. My parents had been living in South America before I was born so it's practically part of my 1970's era DNA. I've been on the hunt for perfect ponchos for the past few years. My … [Read more...]

DIY Pear Wreath {Fall & Holiday Wreath Combined FOR THE WIN!)

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Such a cute fall decorating idea! Use craft store pears to make an easy pear & burlap wreath that will work as decorations through fall, Thanksgiving and Christmas!

When it comes to fall decor, I like to keep it simple. Life is too busy these days to change the decorations each month, so when I find something that can take us through a few holidays I'm stoked. Case in point: this DIY fall pear wreath goes falls into the category of fall decor but also would look great through Thanksgiving and Christmas. A double (triple!) duty wreath that I can move around on a whim? Hooray for easy fall decorations! Typically I find inspiration while browsing the … [Read more...]

Pumpkin Spice Dip Recipe {Perfect Fall Dessert!}

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This easy 3-ingredient pumpkin dip is a showstopping fall dessert that's perfect for parties!

Does anything scream FALL more than pumpkin dip inside a pumpkin?! I mean, it's a double pumpkin-y treat!  It takes just 5 minutes to make this delicious pumpkin spice dip that's best served with your favorite fall cookies. You don't NEED to display it in the pumpkin; however, taking a few extra minutes to hollow one out to place the dip inside takes it over the top and will make you the hit of whichever party you grace with your presence this fall. I added in Cool Whip to cut the … [Read more...]

How to Make Studded Pumpkins (or, Punk Pumpkins)

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Add some glam to your fall and Halloween decorations with these easy no-carve gold studded pumpkins!

It takes a true DIY dork to make a punked out pumpkin, right? But when I spotted the gold studded pumpkins below at my local craft store I knew I wanted to make my own version (sidenote, I'm resisting ALL URGES to make any jokes with the word STUD in them. Because Google is not forgiving when it comes to creepy search terms.) The studs (keep your mind out of the gutter!) on the retail version were a little measly, and since full-out bling is always appreciated I decided there has to be an easy … [Read more...]

High Style Meets Convenience (plus a Dream Kitchen Contest!)

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These designer paper towels add style to your kitchen!

Do you ever hoard 'the good towels' in the back of the dish towel drawer to use when company comes over? Or keep the nice placemats hidden from the kids to be used solely for guests? I'll admit that's how I first felt about the new Viva® Signature Design Towels-- I wanted to tuck them away in the cabinets so I could bring them out on special occasions. I mean, the designs were curated by Alyssa Milano (our imaginary junior high best friend, amIright?) Thankfully reason took over and I … [Read more...]