Greek Artichoke Salad {Summer Salad Series}

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Greek Artichoke Pasta Salad {Making Lemonade Summer Salad Series}

Have you met the sweet Jessica of Mom 4 Real? She's here today for our Summer Salad Series! When you look at the beautiful picture of Jessica's Greek salad below, you'll think it takes tons of prep time to create. But read on... you won't believe how quickly you can whip up this Greek treat! Welcome, Jessica! Hi there! I'm Jessica from Mom 4 Real, where I share budget friendly home decor, simple recipes and tons of easy cleaning tips and tricks! I am so excited to be over here at Making … [Read more...]

Homemade Bug Spray Recipe {& DIY Bug Repellents}

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Homemade DIY bug spray using essential oils (and which oils to use to repel various bugs such as mosquitoes, flies, ticks, lice and more!) #essentialoils

Did you know essential oils are amazing for repelling bugs and insects? I'll admit I was skeptical, until my friend Beth whipped up a homemade bug spray for us while in Florida and it WORKED. And if it works on those ginormous Florida bugs, I know it'll work on just about anything! Which also proves that DIY bloggers can and will try to DIY just about anything, bug repellent included. I mentioned another version of this DIY bug spray recipe in my essential oils for summer video and got … [Read more...]

How to Cover a Duvet the EASY Way {The Two Minute Duvet Cover Trick}

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How to cover a duvet the EASY way in UNDER two minutes! Brilliant! #cleaning #lifehacks

I used to have a love/hate relationship with duvet covers-- I loved them for their versatility but LOATHED putting the cover over the actual duvet. That is until I discovered the trick that allowed me to put a duvet cover onto a duvet in UNDER TWO MINUTES BY MYSELF. That's right-- no roping in my husband to help, no climbing inside, no midnight struggles as I fought to put a new cover on a duvet that had been puked on. (TMI?) I'm a bona fide member of the duvet cover fan club. They're … [Read more...]

Framed Paper– It’s a Thing, and It’s AMAZING

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Clever Wall Art Idea: Frame Handmade Paper for a High-End DIY look! #diy #art

Today's DIY idea isn't rocket science. Some might not even call it a DIY.  A piece of framed paper, really, Carrie? However it's something you can easily do yourself in just a few minutes, has a HUGE impact, and looks seriously high end so I had to share it.  Plus who needs rocket science? (astronauts).  But first, CHECK IT: That's paper. And every time I see it at my local Paper Source it stops me in my tracks (a Paper Source just opened near me, I'm in HEAVEN!)  It looks like a gorgeous … [Read more...]

A Gilded Season {aka, It’s An Honor Just To Be Nominated}

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gilded edge agate coasters; high end DIY home decor

Hey hey everyone! Just back from another Haven conference and in dire need of a nap and possibly a shower.  Before I get into things, I have to tell you something… it’s pretty cool… Better Homes and Gardens liked my gilded edge agate coasters enough to feature them in an Ultimate Summer vote-off this week! Like actors who are thrilled just to get nominated, I’m in awe that my quick little DIY coasters were put up against such amazing projects by a few of my favorite fellow … [Read more...]