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Great Gifts for Bloggers {Holiday Gift Guide}

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GREAT tech gifts for bloggers-- take your blog to the next level with these great gift ideas!

This year was a big turning point for me professionally. I've worked hard over the past 5 years to turn a hobby blog into one that generates enough income to make me not feel guilty about working on it. ;-) It's a dream come true to create content, craft, write, cook, travel, photograph, and decorate-- and be able to share it here, as my job! That being said, it is hard work. There's been many sacrifices (I don't think I've sat down to watch tv without a laptop in hand since 2009, and I'm often … [Read more...]

Beaches Turks & Caicos: 10 Things to Know Before you Go

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10 things to know before you go to Beaches Turks & Caicos

For the past 15 years, visiting Turks & Caicos (a string of islands located in the Caribbean, about an hour's plane ride away from Miami) has been on my bucket list. For over a decade I've been dreaming about the white sand beaches, stunningly clear aqua ocean, famous reefs, and incredible hospitality. When I was invited to attend the Social Media on the Sand conference in Turks & Caicos mid-October, I simply could not resist. While this trip was not free, my family and I enjoyed a … [Read more...]

Free Printable Password Organizer

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Free Printable Password Organizer: makes keeping passwords safe a cinch! via #printable #organizing

This Heartbleed virus thing-a-majig is pretty frightening, isn't it?  On a scale of 1 to 10, they're rating it an 11 (YIKES!) so I spent the better part of yesterday working on backing up both my blog and laptop and getting ready to change passwords.  You just don't know how difficult a breach is until you've experienced it... and people everywhere are experiencing it, especially blogs. In order to keep myself organized, I created a printable password organizer to keep track of usernames, … [Read more...]

Something New Today: Grow Your G+ Circles!

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We're taking a break today from our normally scheduled DIYing and easy crafting ideas for something a little different. Are you on Google+ yet? If you're not a blogger or into social media there's a good chance you're not, but if you're interested in learning more or are a blogger looking to grow your circles, then this post is for you! I'm co-hosting a G+ Hop for creative bloggers this Wednesday to help YOU grow your G+ circles.  I know Google+ is new for many people, so if you were … [Read more...]

You CAN Have it All (Sort Of)

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The BEST Advice I Ever Got #motherhood #quotes

It's been a frustrating winter to say the least. This winter is providing our eighth school snow delay, on top of ten snow cancellation days. Which is impressive, when you realize my kids are only in school together 3 mornings a week. For someone who relies on those meager hours to squeeze in a full week's worth of work, it's anxiety inducing to say the least. Let's do the math: 11 snow days plus 7 school delays equals A WHOLE LOTTA VODKA in my coffee cup at 10am. I kid, I kid. (not … [Read more...]