Fun Kids’ Activity They’ll Love (and so will you!)

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Fun Kids Activity Idea: Marshmallow Geometry! Kids love it, and they learn as they play. Bonus! #kids #activities

This is such a simple kids activity idea I debated whether to post about it or not, but honestly it keeps my kids entertained for huge chunks of time and it's so fun they constantly ask to play it. Plus it takes only two supplies that you might already have on hand, so I can bust it out whenever I need 20 minutes of peace and quiet to make dinner or take a phone call. It's a geometry activity I used with my second graders when I was a teacher, so imagine my surprise when my 3 and 5 year old … [Read more...]

Why I Let my Kids Play in the Mud {Mommy Misadventure}

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Why you should let your kids play in the mud (and other musings on letting go) via #motherhood #kids #parenting

There's sort of this never-ending conversation I have with myself in my head, which may certify me as crazy, but I'll own that. On one side of the motherhood spectrum, I love a clean and organized home. As I sit here typing this, the kids are at school and all I can hear are the gentle swish of the dishwasher and flap of the clothes in the dryer. My floors are spotless, the crumbs are off the table, and for about .25 seconds I'm sitting in clean domestic bliss. On the other hand, I was … [Read more...]

Deliciously Easy “Cheater” Doughnuts!

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SUPER EASY Homemade Doughnuts! Find out the secret to making delicious doughnuts at home in just minutes! via #doughnuts #donut #recipe #dessert

Around these Pennsylvania Dutch parts, the tradition of eating a doughnut on Fasnacht Day (otherwise known as Fat Tuesday) is quite common and can be traced back to the German heritage in the area. According to my mother-in-law eating a doughnut on Fastnacht Day is supposed to bring good health for the coming year, but really, I think it's just the perfect excuse for everyone to eat doughnuts.  ;-) Making them from scratch always seemed too daunting until I was strolling the aisles of my … [Read more...]

Hot Tip: Save a Bundle on Custom Framing

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Hot Tip: How to Save a Bundle on Custom Framing

Getting a piece of art custom framed can cost a bunch of cash-ola, which is why I usually do it myself using store bought frames. Recently my mom handed down three gorgeous vintage railroad puzzles from my grandmother, and I knew I wanted them framed for my son's room-- but could not spend a fortune. Or even a semi-fortune. Or... anything, really. I didn't want to spend much of anything, because we'd probably only have them framed for a few years so they didn't fade or get damaged.* * to be … [Read more...]

You CAN Have it All (Sort Of)

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The BEST Advice I Ever Got #motherhood #quotes

It's been a frustrating winter to say the least. This winter is providing our eighth school snow delay, on top of ten snow cancellation days. Which is impressive, when you realize my kids are only in school together 3 mornings a week. For someone who relies on those meager hours to squeeze in a full week's worth of work, it's anxiety inducing to say the least. Let's do the math: 11 snow days plus 7 school delays equals A WHOLE LOTTA VODKA in my coffee cup at 10am. I kid, I kid. (not … [Read more...]