Homemade Bug Spray Recipe {& DIY Bug Repellents}

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Homemade DIY bug spray using essential oils (and which oils to use to repel various bugs such as mosquitoes, flies, ticks, lice and more!) makinglemonadeblog.com #essentialoils

Did you know essential oils are amazing for repelling bugs and insects? I'll admit I was skeptical, until my friend Beth whipped up a homemade bug spray for us while in Florida and it WORKED. And if it works on those ginormous Florida bugs, I know it'll work on just about anything! Which also proves that DIY bloggers can and will try to DIY just about anything, bug repellent included. I mentioned another version of this DIY bug spray recipe in my essential oils for summer video and got … [Read more...]

How to Make Large Gallery Wall Photos {on the cheap!}

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You can fake HUGE canvas style wall photos on the cheap-- this print cost just $3! #gallerywall #photography Get the tutorial at www.makinglemonadeblog.com

We're chugging away on my son's 'big boy' room and finally finished his gallery wall. I'd been hearing whispers of an incredibly inexpensive way to fake a photo wrapped canvas  (or large gallery style wall photo) and have been just waiting for the perfect time to experiment to see if it works. And guess what? IT DOES! Large canvas wrapped photos can cost hundreds of dollars, but you can fake it for about $10 or less. Plus, you don't even have to make yours train themed. Really. You could use, I … [Read more...]

DIY Industrial Pipe Curtain Rods {Boys Room Update}

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These DIY industrial style pipe curtain rods are a cinch to make, and way cheaper than the West Elm version. Get the tutorial at www.makinglemonadeblog.com! #DIY #knockoff #curtains

By now, I'm pretty sure you know just how much I love the modern and fun home decor from West Elm-- so when I found their Industrial Pipe Curtain Rods I had a decision to make. I could drive to the mall, buy the curtain rods, be home and have them set up in about 2 hours. HOWEVER. I could also drive to Home Depot, grab the materials, DIY the heck out of them, and have everything finished in about 3 hours and for $100 less. Guess which idea won? Oh yes, I got my DIY on by figuring out how to … [Read more...]

FREE Summer Organizing Printables Kit (& Giveaway!)

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Get Organized for Summer: FREE Summer Organizing Printables Pack! #summer via www.makinglemonadeblog.com

These free summer organizing printables are brought to you by Astrobrights Papers and the #Colorize campaign. Summer is on it's way (no really, it IS, the calendar says so!) and the lazy days are about to begin. Except, as you know-- summer isn't always lazy, is it? Balancing activities, getting ready for camp, planning vacations, entertaining the kids-- all are really fun, but they also take time and energy. My ambition is to try to get as much done prior to summer as possible to make the way … [Read more...]

Puppet Theater Ideas & Activities for Kids {Free Printable!}

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Free Printable Pretend Play Activities for Kids #kids #play via www.makinglemonadeblog.com

Happy Monday, everyone! Hope your Easter was a blessed one. If you're rolling in leftover Easter Eggs, don't forget I rounded up 20 recipes and ideas for leftover hard-boiled eggs so you're covered. ;-) We had a lovely day and only one wrestling match over a wayward candy-filled egg so I call that a 'win'. My parents are in town too, which is fantastic in and of itself but also means I might get a few minutes to photograph my latest projects for the blog. I have so much to share and can't wait … [Read more...]