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Why We Super Puffy Heart the LeapPad3 {Hot Toys 2014}

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Hot Toys Kids will Love: LeapPad3 by Leapfrog!

I've been having an internal conversation with myself (not to be confused with external conversations with myself, the ones that get me kicked out of Target) about whether or not to invest in a tablet for my kids. We have one for my husband which the kids love to steal and use to look up videos on the internet that may nor many not have recently included a LEGO video involving a Miley Cyrus 'Wrecking Ball' reenactment. Which is pretty much the #1 reason I don't want to get the kids a … [Read more...]

That Time we Got Stuck in Turks & Caicos {Tips for Traveling with Kids}

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MUST-READ tips for traveling with kids; don't make the same mistakes we did!

"Um, Mom? It's me. No worries but our plane's engine wouldn't fire during takeoff and the local mechanic couldn't fix it so after spending 7 hours at the airport it looks like we're going to have to spend an extra night here in Turks & Caicos..." Sounds like a dream come true, right? Accidentally getting stuck in paradise? Well, if we had been back at Beaches again it would have been, but unfortunately we were not. Since our cancelled 3:30 flight was the last one that day, we were stuck … [Read more...]

Beaches Turks & Caicos: 10 Things to Know Before you Go

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10 things to know before you go to Beaches Turks & Caicos

For the past 15 years, visiting Turks & Caicos (a string of islands located in the Caribbean, about an hour's plane ride away from Miami) has been on my bucket list. For over a decade I've been dreaming about the white sand beaches, stunningly clear aqua ocean, famous reefs, and incredible hospitality. When I was invited to attend the Social Media on the Sand conference in Turks & Caicos mid-October, I simply could not resist. While this trip was not free, my family and I enjoyed a … [Read more...]

“Hamburger” Cupcakes {Fun Food Hack for Tailgating or Bake Sales}

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Shhhh... these burgers have a secret. They're not burgers! They're delicious cupcakes!

My neighbor stopped over yesterday with the cutest little cupcakes I ever did see-- miniature hamburger cupcakes!  Not only would these be adorable party treats but also a kickin' tailgating snack. Turst me, make these and they'll declare you WINNER of the school bake sale. They were so lifelike that at first my son, who's very anti-hamburger, said "no thank you".  But once his sister dove in and started eating layers of cupcake and brownie he soon changed his tune. While they look super … [Read more...]

One Summer, and a Little Perspective

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One Summer: great advice for embracing the moment #summer

Last year, a particular phrase started popping up around the internet that caught fire-- the concept of Eighteen Summers. You know, how we have 18 summers from the time our kids are born until the time we ship them off to college.  As is my nature, I started to panic. Eighteen summers? EIGHTEEN SUMMERS? And I've already wasted 5 of them? ACK! I need to catch up! We need TO DO ALL THE SUMMER THINGS! Then summer arrived, and I had deadlines to meet and kids to wrangle and I just could not … [Read more...]