DIY Plate Decorations, 3 Ways {Fall Decor on a Dime!}

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Another $1 decorating idea... DIY decorated plates! Here's how to decorate your plates 3 ways this holiday season, be sure to read these tips before starting this easy decor project!

Ready for another quick idea for fall decor on a dime? Because you could LITERALLY pick these up for a dime at a yard sale or thrift store. Liter.all.y.  And if you can't find them for a dime, you'll only need to spend 9 more dimes to buy them at the Dollar Store. The only other things you need, depending on the style you go with, are washi tape and a gold sharpie. Here's what I started with: Now we're going to decorate them. I'm going to assume you know that these decorated plates are … [Read more...]

How to Make a Leaf Garland {more DIY Dollar Store Fall Decor!}

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Make this reusable fall leaf garland for just $1! LOVE fall decor that's pretty AND budget-friendly!

I know I should probably hide my head and pretend I bought all my fall decor from some upscale retailer, but I can't help myself. I promised more budget fall decor ideas up my sleeve, so here you go-- a faux leaf garland with supplies from, da da dum... The Dollar Store. There goes the neighborhood, right? BUT! These leaves looked realistic enough I figured buying them wouldn't lower my home's value but rather serve as an easy way to create chic decor on a dime. Here's how to make them. If … [Read more...]

Burlap & Pumpkin Fall Wreath {Dollar Store Wreath Idea!}

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This festive fall burlap wreath was made with Dollar Store pumpkins!

This fall I wanted to really cut back on seasonal spending for fall and Halloween decor so my wheels started turning on how to create a higher-end look for a LOT less than retail. Browsing the Dollar Store last month, I found these bags of mini-gourds and a fall wreath idea was born. The green speckled look wasn't horrible, but it wasn't what I was looking for in terms of an upscale style wreath. A quick hit of spray paint in glossy white... ... and high style pumpkins were born! I simply … [Read more...]

DIY Gift Ideas: Constellation Box and Tree Ring Coasters

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How to Use a Dremel Micro Rotary Tool to create these artistic DIY gift ideas!

I've wanted a Dremel rotary tool for roughly a decade thanks to first hearing about it from my artisan mom, so when I finally got my hands on this hot little tool that does a HUGE amount of tasks from crafts to DIY to hobbies I had a field day. But you're not here to listen to my field day stories, you're here because you're curious about DIY gift ideas you can create with a Dremel Micro rotary tool. It's seriously the most powerful cordless rotary tool Dremel has ever made. So let's get to … [Read more...]

Thrift Store Makeovers {Swap It Like It’s Hot}

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Flea Market Finds and Awesome Thrift Store Makeovers!

Oh how I love the challenge of a thrift store or flea market makeover. LOVE. Thankfully I've found similar minded peeps-- the ones who also get all giddy at the idea of poking around thrift stores, discovering treasures, and turning something old and outdated into something shiny and useful once again. Meet the Swap It Like It's Hot crew-- we got together this month to find something old, send it to our swap partner, and do something new with it: I got to search for an item to send to Caitlin … [Read more...]