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DIY Faux Birch Candleholders {more woodland decor, I can’t help myself!}

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The perfect look for your rustic Christmas decor: DIY faux birch candleholders using thrift store vases. Catch the tutorial to see how to bring this beautiful Christmas decor idea int your home this holiday!

Growing up in New England, I was surrounded by birch trees-- and to me the peeling white bark so beautifully symbolizes nature's perfect imperfections. Since taking birch bark off the tree can damage the tree, I used birch scrapbook paper to get the same look without being a tree killer.  And thus, these faux birch candleholders were born from thrift store glassware with just a roll in paper, piece of tape, and dash of gold! A more simple rustic Christmas craft you will not find. ;-) The … [Read more...]

DIY Whimsical Woodland Ornaments {aka, my dream come true}

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These DIY woodland ornaments are easy to make and add a touch of whimsy to your Christmas tree! Check out this easy tutorial and prepare to fall in love with all those adorable little woodland scenes!

I've always loved miniatures, so when I saw woodland ornaments at West Elm recently I WANTED THEM. My West Elm allowance has been blown this month however (new coffee table, woot woot!) so I knew I had to knock them off. So that I could save for another West Elm splurge that's a little bigger. ;-)  Getting to play with teeny bottle brush trees and mini-deer in the name of Christmas crafting made me all kinds of happy! Keeping with my natural woodland Christmas theme (Glam Scandi, I call it) I … [Read more...]

DIY Christmas Woodland Fairy Light Shadow Boxes

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Check out the CUTEST way to use fairy lights: whimsical woodland fairy light shadowboxes! Add some GLOW to your holiday decor; you need to see this easy tutorial!

Are you looking to add a whimsical touch to your holiday decor this season? I wish I came up with the idea for these glorious fairy light boxes myself, but truthfully I saw a similar version at Terrain and just knew I had to DIY them. Especially since I can't find them on their website anymore.  They were super easy to make (of course, I mean, it's ME, I can't do complicated!) and add a beautiful glowing touch to these dark nights. Plus the kids are enthralled by the dimming lights and rush to … [Read more...]

Easy Christmas Art Idea: Tea Towel Wrapped Canvas

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Check out how to make this easy DIY Christmas art from a tea towel! LOVE simple Christmas decorating ideas like this Anthropologie hack!

I'm a sucker for anything Anthropologie, so when I saw this wintery tea towel at the end-of-year sale I snagged it for about 70% off the regular price. The colors and shimmer also became the inspiration point for my entire holiday decorating plan, but I digress. I thought about framing it, but realized a FREE solution was under my nose... er, workbench. I had a pile of wrapped canvases (the type you can get at Michaels for cheap with a coupon) and suddenly the simple idea emerged to put the two … [Read more...]

A Handmade Holiday {Scandi Christmas Style & Ideas Galore}

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simple yet beautiful handcrafted Christmas ideas and decorations! Love the simple Scandinavian style!

Last year’s Christmas clutter had me feeling totally depleted.  After the holidays I’d just had ENOUGH. Enough stuff. Enough clutter. Enough stress and blowing the budget. Enough of mismatched styles and towering bins of décor I no longer loved. Amidst the chaos, I made a snap decision to start from scratch. My budget (and free space in my home) doesn’t allow for a huge shopping spree, so I created a careful plan to focus on how I wanted my holiday décor to feel this year. I wanted … [Read more...]