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Simple & Delicious Double Duty Slowcooker Dinner Idea

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Double Duty Dinner Idea! Few minutes of prep and you get TWO delicious dinners #recipes #family via

Making healthy dinners for my family from scratch is a priority, but trying to watch the kids while prepping dinner isn't a walk in the park-- unless a walk in the park is defined as 'having the kids compete for my attention under foot as I furiously chop and make supper while simultaneously attempting to keep them away from the flaming hot stove area.' I'm pretty sure that's not the definition of 'walk in the park'. Which is why I'm always looking for easy shortcuts to achieve this lofty … [Read more...]

Spring DIY Projects, Weekend Warrior Style

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Spring DIY Projects, Weekend Warrior Style! #spring #DIY

I'll admit this weekend didn't start out as promising. I had a minor procedure on Friday (okay, let's just call it what it is: a colonoscopy) and then a tax appointment on Saturday. Doesn't that sounds like a blast? I figured my weekend was shot, but instead, it thankfully could only get better. And warm weather rolled in on Sunday, which helped me get my DIY mojo back! It was incredible, that fresh air. It caused some wild things to happen! It turned into Abby into Anna (wish I'd gotten a … [Read more...]

Why I Let my Kids Play in the Mud {Mommy Misadventure}

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Why you should let your kids play in the mud (and other musings on letting go) via #motherhood #kids #parenting

There's sort of this never-ending conversation I have with myself in my head, which may certify me as crazy, but I'll own that. On one side of the motherhood spectrum, I love a clean and organized home. As I sit here typing this, the kids are at school and all I can hear are the gentle swish of the dishwasher and flap of the clothes in the dryer. My floors are spotless, the crumbs are off the table, and for about .25 seconds I'm sitting in clean domestic bliss. On the other hand, I was … [Read more...]

In Like a Lion {Faux Ceramic Animal Planter}

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How to make an EASY and INEXPENSIVE faux ceramic animal planter! What a fun gift idea! #DIY #modern #planter via

March comes in like a lion... and apparently out like one, too, the way the weather's been lately.  ;-) I know this tutorial on how to make a faux ceramic animal planter isn't going to be everyone's cup of tea, but I love fun, quirky touches in home decor and this one suited my style nicely. Plus, it only cost $7 to make so it falls solidly under the 'easy and inexpensive DIY project' camp that I so adore. I've seen these in high-end handmade studios for MUCH more, so if you like this look then … [Read more...]

Mexican Stuffed Peppers Recipe & New Contributor!

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Mexican Stuffed Peppers - a great go-to family meal idea! via #recipes #familymeals

Happy Monday everyone! I'm thrilled to announce a new contributor to Making Lemonade, Allison from Two Thirty-Five Designs. She's got style for miles, and I'm so happy she's joining the small team sharing freshly squeezed ideas over here. Please give her a warm welcome, and I hope you'll follow her on social media-- her style will blow your mind! (and maybe some will rub off on me, I hope?) I  mean, here's a peek at her Instagram: See? Style. For. Miles. I know you'll enjoy her recipe … [Read more...]