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How to Clean Hardwood Floors and Microfiber Furniture NATURALLY!

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How to Clean Hardwood Floors and Microfiber NATURALLY!

The holidays are coming, can you feel the excitement?! One of the things I try to do right before Thanksgiving is get my home 'holiday ready' before the influx of guests and trees and food and... well, you catch my drift. My husband knows that his job is to take the kids out for a few hours the weekend before Thanksgiving so I can get the house holiday ready and spiffed up. Thankfully Homeright sent me their Steam Machine Plus Steam Mop to tackle some of the tasks on my list, and I spent the … [Read more...]

FREE PRINTABLE December Organizing Calendar

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FREE PRINTABLE December organizing calendar-- your entire holiday to-do list in one spot, with some fun mixed in too!

Ask and ye shall receive; our free printable monthly organizing calendar is BACK! I've got you covered for what always seems to be the busiest month of the year, December. Simply print out this calendar and check off the tasks each day. Plus there's even some free time and reflection built in there, because this season isn't just about your to-do list (even though it feels like that sometimes). CLICK THE IMAGE BELOW TO DOWNLOAD THE FREE PRINTABLE CALENDAR! BONUS: it's undated, which … [Read more...]

More {High Style, Low Budget} Halloween Decorations

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Halloween decor on a dime... i can't believe how easy it is to get a stylish look for just a few dollars using these tricks and ideas!

They're going to revoke my Dollar Store credit card, I just know it. Okay, a Dollar Store credit card isn't a thing but I can't stop myself from making budget friendly decorations. Which is funny, because I actually don't like Halloween. But my KIDS do, and my son in particular has been begging me to deck the Halloween halls since August. So here you go, my FINAL (I promise!) installment of fall decor on a dime... stylish Halloween decor for everyone! First up is my favorite, but I need to … [Read more...]

15 Thrifty Fall Decor Ideas {more Dollar Store Decor!}

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15 ways to transform thrifty finds into DIY fall decor... that doesn't look like it came from The Dollar Store (but it did, shhhhh!)

What would you think if I told you I decorated my home this fall using items that were either free, thrifted, or from The Dollar Store? Did you just have nightmares of neon plastic pumpkins and off-colored window clings? Well, stop that nonsense right there because decorating for the seasons shouldn't cost a fortune (or involve neon plastic, unless that's your thing). You CAN keep it simple, trendy, and classy on a super tight budget! After a little bit of DIYing, here's 15 ways to transform … [Read more...]

Life is Like a Grilled Cheese Waffle

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easy grilled cheese waffles

I'm not going to lie-- life has been beyond busy the past few weeks. As much as my hands were full this summer with the kids, nothing compares to now juggling a school schedule, work schedule, traveling husband schedule, and a new business to boot. When my husband told me he had to go out of town this week, I almost cried-- not THIS week, with five deadlines and a huge event coming up! But alas, yes, this week. And last week. And probably next week too. We're bombarded with images of … [Read more...]