Weekend Link Love {March 2014}

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best links on the internet this week

Hey Everyone! I hope you are enjoying your weekend. Sorry it's been so quiet around here but truthfully I've been dealing with some health issues that have required some time and attention (seeing specialists, getting procedures, you know, FUN STUFF). I think everything's going to be okay but in the meantime I'm not having much fun. There's so much to share with you; I hope I'm feeling back to normal soon so I can get back to doing what I love. In the meantime, here's what's been making me … [Read more...]

Weekend Link Love

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Best Links of the Week-- some great posts to read and enjoy.

It's finally the weekend, so I thought I'd leave you with a few favorite links to peruse over the next few days. So grab some coffee (or wine), sit back, and check out my favorite finds this week-- there's a great mix of articles and videos that inform, inspire, and perhaps elicit a giggle and tear or two. :) We adore Idina Menzel over here (aka, "Adele Dazeem", silly John Travolta) so it's hard to admit she sounds better in this clip than she did at the Oscars (love when she starts … [Read more...]

Go for the GOLD (and Silver, Bronze, + Copper!)

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Mixed Metallics Home Decor : How to Mix Gold, Silver, Copper and Bronze for a SHOWSTOPPING look! www.makinglemonadeblog.com

Metallics week continues alongside the Olympics as we explore gorgeous ways to use your favorite metals in home decor. We started with 5 tips for using metallics at home, and are moving right along with a few designs boards full of inspiration no matter which metallic sheen you most cherish. I'll admit the design boards below contain items mostly out of my price range. However, it's so important to train your eye to high end decor so you know when to scoop it up on sale or when you see it as … [Read more...]

Save the Date: Join me for a Pinterest Party!

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Pinterest Inspired Craft Party: Decorate Flower Pots with www.makinglemonadeblog.com!

In an attempt to shake the winter doldrums (um, yes, the forecast IS showing 12-16 inches of snow coming tomorrow on the tails of our huge storm last week, thankyouverymuch), I've been playing with paint and terra cotta and came up with some fun ways for you to make your own beautiful spring flower pots. Spring MUST be coming eventually, right? Guess what? If you live in the Philadelphia region, we can play with paint and flower pots together! I hope you'll join me this Sunday anytime from … [Read more...]

Family Friendly Design: It CAN Happen!

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Modern Budget Kitchen Renovation

Happy Monday everyone, and a special welcome any new visitors from the Philly Home Show!  As I was putting together the slides for today's presentation about family friendly decorating, I was overcome by how much I've learned about my own personal style at home the past few years. It's been an adventure tweaking my home to reflect not only the needs of my young kids but also merging it with our style.  I've made lots of mistakes along the way, but what are mistakes if not learning … [Read more...]