Favorite Finds: Winter 2014 Edition

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Favorite Finds for Winter

Hey everyone, is it freezing where you are right now too? We’re stuck in a ‘polar vortex’ so I thought it would be the perfect time to share my current favorite finds for winter.  This morning it was 60 degrees, by noon it was snowing, and tomorrow morning the wind chill is supposed to be minus 20.  Yippee!   Fun times.  :-)

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1.  North Face Jacket.

Favorite Finds for Winter

In case you didn’t know, winter is not my favorite season. I’m a summer girl through and through.  This fall, I decided to bite the bullet and after 10 years of living in Philly I finally bought my first North Face jacket.  IT WAS WORTH EVERY PENNY.  Slim fitting and super warm, I hope this jacket lasts for years and years!  And my husband says it’d better last for years and years after what I spent on it.  (Did I already mention it was worth EVERY PENNY?)

2.  Gluten Free Oats.

Favorite Finds for Winter

Smoothies were my go-to breakfast staple all summer long, but for some reason it’s hard to drink ice-cold liquids when it’s 20 degrees outside.  {brrrr!!!}  My winter breakfast has become these gluten-free quick cooking oats, sprinkled with walnuts, cinnamon and a teeny bit of agave syrup.  This fits in with the Virgin Diet nicely, and gives me enough energy to get through until lunch.  Even my kids are on the oatmeal train!

3.  Lavender Essential Oil.

Favorite Finds for Winter

I used lavender essential oil in the Homemade Lavender Bath Salts awhile back, but recently I’ve discovered I can use it before bed to help me sleep.  I usually get it each year at the Philadelphia Flower Show, but this brand came highly recommended on Amazon.  Each night before bed, I deeply inhale the scent a few times and put a drop on my pillow or pajamas.  It’s really helped this insomniac get some zzzzs!

4.  Angel Chimes.

Favorite Finds for Winter

I had these Swedish brass chimes as a child, and when I found them online I was so excited I ordered them and kept my fingers crossed they would arrive in time for Christmas.  They arrived Christmas Eve!  My kids and I have loved lighting the candles and watching the figures spin and the chimes ding, even after the holidays.  I might keep it up all winter, they bring such light to these dark nights.

5.  Kitchen Rug.

Favorite Finds for Winter

I got a new kitchen rug!  The old one, while pretty, wasn’t big enough and didn’t quite fit my style.  This new one is perfection, I stalked One Kings Lane (my favorite source for rugs) until I found it and bought it immediately.  It’s an outdoor rug too, so can be hosed off or scrubbed.  Plus, it covers more of the wood floor so no more cold feet in the kitchen!  BUT WAIT– not pictured is my new round kitchen table.  I CAN’T WAIT TO SHOW YOU!

6.  Outlander series.

Favorite Finds for Winter

I’m STILL reading the Outlander series!  I whizzed through several of the books this summer but slowed down when I realized book 8 wouldn’t be released until March.  I’m currently on book 7, it’s a little slow but I love having a book series I can return to every few months and feel like I can jump right back into the story.  For those that’ve read it, can I get a WHAT WHAT on Jamie?!  #hottie

 7.  Magnatiles.

Favorite Finds for Winter

There’s a toy on my list.  A TOY.  Why?  Because this is the best toy ever invented.  I’m so glad I splurged on the 100-piece set of the Magnatiles, it’s the perfect amount when you have two kiddos vying for pieces.  My kids have been stuck indoors all break due to weather and illness and yet they’ve been playing together, screen-free, for HOURS.  It’s enough to make a mom cry tears of joy.  Until they use the magnatiles to make a dance floor and start dancing one it, which leads to wrestling, which could potentially lead to head wounds… help, I’m starting to go senile over being cooped up.

8.  Knit Headband.

Favorite Finds for Winter

I found this one at the Christmas Market in Philly last month.  I’m not a hat girl, so this headband has been my best friend during these chilly days!

9.  Naps.

Favorite Finds for Winter

I almost never take a nap, and neither do my kids.  So when my son climbed on me yesterday and laid his head on my shoulder and fell asleep, it quickly became one of my favorite things this winter.  Look at his sweet little hand, resting delicately on his cheek.  You’d never guess he’d just told me: “THE KITCHEN IS NOT A ‘PLEASE’ ROOM MOMMY.  I DON’T SAY ‘PLEASE’ IN THE KITCHEN.  I SAY ‘PLEASE RIGHT NOW’. (this, from the boy whose teacher told me last year was the most polite child in the room).  He must have needed a nap.

10.  Squash.

Favorite Finds for Winter

I’ve discovered my love of squash.  Delicata, winter, spaghetti squash– I don’t discriminate.  I roast those suckers with some EVOO and cinnamon or herbs and melt with happiness.  What’s your favorite type of squash?

11.  C. WONDER

Favorite Finds for Winter

I adore C. Wonder, especially the jewelry section.  They seem to be out of stock now, but this initial necklace has been keeping me company lately!

12.  My husband.

Favorite Finds for Winter

He knows I hate winter, so he goes out early each morning clear off my car and warm it up and put on the seat warmers and shovel and snowblow and make our home a safe place.  He’s put the kids to bed every night so I can work on my blog.  We decided not to do big Christmas gifts this year because we made a few major home purchases (a mattress! a table! a new FURNACE!) but knew the way to my heart was a luxury bathrobe and lavender bath set from Crabtree and Evelyn.  He pretends to love my gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free, corn-free, egg-free dinners because he knows I’m trying to be healthier.  He puts off his own dreams to help me realize mine.  He brings me pumpkin coffee from Dunkin Donuts.  He is taking the day off of work to watch the kids so I can speak at the upcoming Philly Home Show.  He knows I hate tension so he didn’t swear even one time when putting up our 9 foot tree.  My husband is, by far, my favorite find EVER.  Winter simply exemplifies why I’m the luckiest for marrying him.

What are your favorite finds this winter?  I neglected to mention any beauty products, any favorites to share?

Favorite Finds for Winter

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  1. I’m so jealous that you’re still reading Echo in the Bone! Sometimes I wish I hadn’t sped through the series. I’m waiting for the next book to be released :( And Game of Thrones too :( But I’m reading Night Circus now and love it!

    • Glad you like Night Circus! It’s different, isn’t it? But they mention Concord so I kept reading it, and I’m glad I did. Book 8 is out in a few months, and then the series! YAY!

  2. Yes! At one point, he’s walking along “author’s ridge” in the same cemetery were I walked only a few months ago. It has a wonderful sense of suspense without being scary or “can’t put it down,” like in the Outlander series 😉

  3. I love this list!!! I got a new NF jacket for Christmas and it is definitely earning its keep (I also got a NF fleece hoodie which is the best invention EVER). I 100% agree on the Magnatiles too…best toy EVER.

  4. I’m a blog and instagram stalker but I HAD to comment. I am THRILLED that you have such a fantastic husband! That really makes my heart happy for you. And even better, you shout it from the rooftops on your blog. Adorable. I do really appreciate when bloggers post their favorite things because I have a short list of my own but unless I stumble on to them (hello Blistex lip vibrance…seriously, try it) I don’t get exposure to a lot of things. I am inspired to find some squash and to master it. Also, my mom used to have the angel/candle things. I’m going to ask her what happened to them. I LOVED them as a kid. Anyway, from me to you, thanks for sharing! Happy new year!

    • I’m so glad you like the post, Renae! I adore ‘Favorite Things’ posts too, because I always discover neat new products. I’ll have to try the Blistex, I don’t have a fave lip balm yet so that’s going to be the first one I try– thanks for the suggestion!

  5. Eucerin intensive therapy lotion! Can’t make it through winter without it!

    Or my hubby, either 😉 Glad to see someone else is so loving their hubby!

  6. yes to naps! My daughter doesn’t think they are as great as I do. I’m so happy you posted the photo of your kitchen WITH a rug! I’ve been begging for one in ours but somebody thinks area rugs in kitchens are weird.

  7. I had those chimes as a child too! I might need to go find some! Thanks :)

  8. My son absolutely loves magna tiles and so far they are standing the test of time!

  9. Love your last favorite! So sweet. Your hubby is awesome!!! :)

  10. Love the post!! You have an amazing hubby!! Love, love, love the new kitchen rug!!! Beautiful!! I got several of those headbands for my daughter last year for college. I ended up using them too this Christmas because it was so cold and i don’t do hats either. They were perfect and super cute!! Thanks for sharing :)

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