Something New Today: Grow Your G+ Circles!

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We’re taking a break today from our normally scheduled DIYing and easy crafting ideas for something a little different. Are you on Google+ yet? If you’re not a blogger or into social media there’s a good chance you’re not, but if you’re interested in learning more or are a blogger looking to grow your circles, then this post is for you!

I’m co-hosting a G+ Hop for creative bloggers this Wednesday to help YOU grow your G+ circles.  I know Google+ is new for many people, so if you were thinking of signing up now’s your chance. If you’re new to G+, open an account and jump in. If you’ve been on G+ for awhile then be sure to read the directions below so your circles will GROW this week!

Are you looking to grow your circles on Google+?  Do you want better SEO and increased website exposure? This is the place to be!  Welcome to the mommy is coocoo circles hop.

*Update: we’ve created a facebook group for Creative bloggers who google+.  Message Amanda here with your email address if you would like to be in to the group. google+ link party, SEO, with mommy is coocoo
If you want to get coocoo with us on Google+:
Please add our button to your sidebar or post!
mommy is coocoo
1. Add all of the cohosts to one of your circles. As a reminder, there’s 12 of us co-hosting this week!
2. Link up your Google+ url NOT your blog url.3. Share a creative post (i.e. posts about cooking, DIY, crafts, etc…) to the public on Google+ and include the hashtag #mommyiscoocoo.4. Socialize – The more shares a website or blog post has the better chance it has of ranking well.

  • Add new friends to your circles.
  • Comment and Share posts you really enjoy!
  • Throughout the day +1 posts with the hashtag #mommyiscoocoo on Google+
*If you want to grow your presence on Google+ email Amanda at mommyiscoocoo(at)gmail(dot)com to cohost.

Link up, hop around, grow your circles! If you’re NOT a blogger, we’ll be back to our regularly scheduled programming tomorrow. But for today I wanted to try something new and G+ really is the place to be if you’re a content creator so let’s explore the possibilities!

PS- if you’re looking for more blogging tips and tricks, there’s tons of them on my  Blogging Pinterest Board. Follow along here:

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  1. I would love to do this, however, where google+ is concerned, I feel lost in that site. I get that circles is basically the same as friends on facebook, but I don’t get how to find even other sites like mine or people who are quilters/crafters/sewists etc..

    I love this sites design, wish it were on mine. :)

  2. oh and a question, I am sure is stupid.. What is a hashtag and how would you do it?

    • A hashtag is simply any words that following the # sign. You can make up your own hastags to be funny (like, #ilovehashtags) or use them as a way for ‘boost’ your content. Since you are a quilter, you could use #quilts as a hashtag on any social media site, and it becomes clickable and searchable. So someone searching for #quilts would find your post!

  3. Happy to be G+-ing today with everyone. I found some great new people!

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