Movin’ on Up (to WordPress)

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Before I started blogging, I read a few articles on ‘How to Start a Blog.’  Every one of them recommended that if you were serious about blogging you should use the WordPress platform.  The problem with WordPress is it costs money because you need to pay for hosting, whereas using Blogger is free.

Free is good.  In fact, the best things in life are often free.  I started my blog on Blogger, and pretty happily continued using it for over 3 years now.

Unfortunately, over the past year I’ve become overwhelmed with Blogger’s limitations.  The more blogs I read, the more it becomes obvious which are on the WordPress platform because they have the bells and whistles that make them easy to navigate and have streamlined usage.  The biggest thing I’ve noticed is there are plug-ins on WordPress that automatically do the things I’m stuck doing by hand on Blogger.  And coding by hand means less time doing projects and, most importantly, it means less time with my family.

{vintage Noodle wearing her Very Merry Onesie}

The family thing got to me, and after thinking long and hard about it I decided it was time to make the big switch.

Why was it a hard decision?  Well, in addition to it costing money there’s one thing that’s kept me from moving– and that’s the fact that Google Friend Connect followers won’t be able to be moved with me.  See all those smiling faces on the right in the “Google Friend Connect” box?  Unless those fabulous folks sign up for my RSS feed instead of through GFT then they won’t get my blog delivered to their readers anymore.

Sad, sad Carrie.  :(

Other bloggers have said it doesn’t matter.  PAGEVIEWS is what you want!  PAGEVIEWS make you money!  PAGEVIEWS are what brands are looking for!

While that’s true, I’ve never focused all that much on pageviews.  What has mattered to me is genuine engagement with my readers (whom I consider friends) and content that isn’t generated just to go viral on Pinterest or because it will get a lot of traffic– but rather content you can use, ideas that work, projects that you’ll actually find in my home should you stop in for a a visit.  Because if I recommend it on my blog, you can trust it’s a good product and not just because I’ll make some money from posting about it.

{setting the Thanksgiving table with this simple DIY wishbone plate}

I’ve been lucky enough to work with brands that realize all those things, and if I happen to get lots of pageviews that’s great but those 923 faces in my Google Friend Connect are the ones that trust me most– not necessarily the ones that will randomly stumble upon my page (though, I’m hoping my new friends will quickly feel the same way) .

{getting ready to hang the stockings with care}

So if you’re a Google Friend Connect follower (or a new friend from Google), please take a moment to sign up right here for my RSS feed.  It’s so easy, you’ll still get my posts right to your reader it’s just through a different service.  Or, get them via email and three times a week or so you’ll get a post delivered right to your inbox.

{a special family focused Christmas tree with favorite photos}

I have so much great stuff ready to roll out, plus you’ll want to see the new design, right?  And oh, did I mention an amazing week of giveaways you’ll NEED to have, just in time for the holidays?

{sneak peek of a Christmas tradition we’ve carried over to the next generation; 
you’ll want to make one, too!}

Thanks for being my {Google Friend Connect} friends, now go ahead and sign up for the new feed or get it via email so you won’t miss a drop of all things Making Lemonade.  Thanks for being so supportive, and I’ll see you on the other side (just wait until you see it, the new design is so perfect!)

Plus, if you join us Noodle will give you the thumbs-up.  And you deserve a ‘thumbs-up’ every now and then, don’t you agree?  Now, who’s ready to move on up with me?


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  1. I’m actually shocked you weren’t already on WP. (Clearly I hadn’t actually looked at your URL.) You’re gonna LOVE it! And I’ll be right here after you make the switch, readin’ as usual!

  2. New to your blog and so glad I found it! Blessings to you!

  3. I can’t wait to see your new blog! I will have to reign in my jealousy bone, hehe. I am pretty sure I will get your feed in my reader still. I can’t wait to read your new posts!


  4. I am just now starting my blog on WordPress and so far I love it. Good luck on the move.

  5. Look at you getting all fancy! Good luck with the transfer.

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