Oatmeal with Quinoa Breakfast Recipe {Gluten-Free}

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Breakfast Oatmeal with Quinoa-- delicious, gluten-free, and healthy too!

I've been on a gluten-free journey for a year and a half now. I say 'journey', because I sure haven't been perfect with it. The truth is, when I'm eating a gluten-free diet I feel great and when I'm sneaking in gluten I fee terrible. The evidence is pretty clear: for me, gluten-free is the way to go. Perhaps the meal that's most difficult to tailor to my diet (I'm also egg and dairy free, sadly) is breakfast. So when I was challenged to come up with a recipe using Udi's new line of Ancient … [Read more...]

EVERYTHING You Need to Know About Freezer Meals

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EVERYTHING you need to know about freezer meals! Tips, recipes, lists, and more!

Cooking meals this summer was easy. I basically stocked chicken, fish, sausage and veggies in the fridge and we grilled out every night that we were home. All the other meals were eaten out-- usually by the pool, and for me through a straw (cocktails, y'all). ;-) All that's about to change as school starts up and seasons change, and to be honest, I'm kinda glad-- for now. However, this fall is proving to be no less busy than summer was so I need to get my ACT together. The idea of prepping my … [Read more...]

Faux Mantel Diaries: The 5 Minute Display Shelf

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Faux Mantel Display Shelf-- Quick way to create your own 'mantel' for seasonal decor and photo display!

This is the time of year when all you fancy people loooooove to showcase your gorgeous homes with seasonal decor strategically placed along wide, beautiful mantels. I see your cozy fireplaces topped with perfectly decorated shelves, rotating from pumpkins and gourds to turkey feathers and wheat stalks to evergreen swags and hurricane vases filled with cranberries. WHY YOU GOTTA BRAG LIKE THAT? Some of us don't have fireplace mantels. Or, I should clarify: some of us have mantels but this … [Read more...]

Acorn Inspired Fall Decor (DIY Fall Decor Ideas)

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25 DIY Acorn Ideas for Easy & Inexpensive Fall Decor! #fall #acorns

It's my humble opinion that simple fall decor is the best type of fall decor, and even better if it comes from natural and organic elements-- like the 25 DIY acorn fall decor ideas below. I'd like to say it's because I'm sophisticated, but really, it's because I just do not have time to macrame wheat stalks and hot glue 5000 skeletons together. Plus, not only is nature FREE, but using it means one less neon plastic thing to dump in a landfill. When I see natural elements like acorns, gourds, … [Read more...]

One Summer, and a Little Perspective

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One Summer: great advice for embracing the moment #summer

Last year, a particular phrase started popping up around the internet that caught fire-- the concept of Eighteen Summers. You know, how we have 18 summers from the time our kids are born until the time we ship them off to college.  As is my nature, I started to panic. Eighteen summers? EIGHTEEN SUMMERS? And I've already wasted 5 of them? ACK! I need to catch up! We need TO DO ALL THE SUMMER THINGS! Then summer arrived, and I had deadlines to meet and kids to wrangle and I just could not … [Read more...]