5 Ways to Decorate a Craft Frame (Kids Craft Ideas)

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Is there anything a $1 wooden craft frame can’t do?  I buy them in stacks at Michaels because they are the perfect kids craft activity– Inexpensive.  Easy.  Customizable.  Useful.  In fact, once you start decorating these frames it’s hard to stop!

Case in point?  This post started as one tutorial.  Somehow it turned into five.

{and if you’re wondering if you need to run a craft intervention, YES.  I had the same issue with the stamped and stenciled tea towels last week– I couldn’t stop stamping.}

Here’s a quick crafting tip: when you paint the frames, use Freezer Paper (or wax paper) to cover your drying area.  With the wax side up, the painted frames won’t stick.

Craft Idea #1: Stripey Straws Frame

You may have noticed my love for striped straws.  They make an appearance in all of my drink recipes, from Orange Pomegranate Smoothies to Cinnamon Mocha Frappes.  I can’t help it, nothing says summer to me more than these happy stripey straws!

For this frame idea, use whatever straws you have on hand.  If your child has a favorite color, you can order the paper straws on Etsy.  Neon is super hot right now, I see neon colored straws at the grocery store each time I shop– but for me, it was stripey straws all the way.

Simply cut them in two lengths– some the height of the frame and then some shorter pieces for the middle section.  Spread craft glue over the first section with a cheap-o foam brush.  Then, start adding the straws from left to right one by one.  We did a random pattern, but if you love symmetry feel free to alternate or use one color.  When you reach the middle section, make sure the colors line up on the top and bottom (if that matters to you), and keep adding glue then straws.  You can add glue to the entire frame first if you wish, you might just have to move quickly.

Craft Idea #2:  Monochromatic Name Frame

Stick chipboard letter stickers onto the frame.  These come in so many styles, I liked this loopy one for our friend.  Scuff up the letters a teeny bit with sandpaper if desired to make the paint stick better.  Then, cover letters and the frame with paint.

Brush on paint in and let dry between coats.  It’s a perfect time to try some of these other ideas or make a whole slew of name frames– the paint doesn’t take too long to dry if it’s warm outside.

Once totally dry, you have a cool monochromatic frame.  If your young’n likes neon, this would be a fun one to try in a bright shade!

Craft Idea #3:  Butterfly Frame

This started out as a $1 butterfly stem from The Dollar Store.

You pop the butterflies off, and cut down the piece on the back so it’s flat.

Using lots of craft glue (or a brand such as Elmer’s School Glue), glue the butterflies in flight across the frame…

… and you’ve got a frame any little girl will love crafting and displaying.  Or little boy.  We don’t judge here on Making Lemonade.

Craft Idea #4:  Stenciled Frame

For this frame, we used the Martha Stewart stencils using the same process as the tea towels:

However, doing an all-over pattern proved challenging with a child because of the lining up process and also the need to wipe off the back before moving it over.  So, instead of honeycomb (which I wanted to use with bee foam stickers) it looked more like tire tracks.

No worries!  Simply glue toy cars to the frame (like these vintage cars I picked up last week) and it’s a tire track frame.

A matchbox car or Dollar Store car would work just as well!  Just don’t let Bee see you using it.  That kid is crazy over his cars.

In the future, using a solo stencil– such as a random pattern of stars or flowers– would be much easier!

Craft Idea #5: Washi Tape Frame

Remember the washi tape letters from last week?

Using the same technique, cover the frame in washi tape!  It will look so colorful and be perfectly suited to your style.  So many colors and patterns to choose from, your Crafty Kids will have so much fun making frames for everyone in all their favorite colors.

That’s a lot of frame crafting!  Did you see a style you liked?  What’s your favorite way to decorate wooden craft frames?

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  2. Wow! All these are awesome. I think my favorite is the straw one, though.

  3. super cute ideas carrie!! love the straws!!!

  4. Wow, I REALLY love that “alexis” one!! 😉
    A brand new Michael’s JUST opened around the corner this weekend…must check out these frames! Very cute, creative ideas!!!

  5. Anonymous says:

    The straw one was my favorite, but all very good ideas! :)

  6. I love the alexis one! Thanks for the great idea!!!
    Ashley Richards

  7. Sonnet @ Sohosonnet Creative Living says:

    Such great frames for the price! You are amazing. I included these ideas in my round up of 12 best birthday party kids craft activities. Check it out http://www.sohosonnet.com/crafts-and-diy/12-birthday-party-craft-activities-for-kids/

  8. Cute! Then do you just glue or tape the photo to the back?

    • Some frames come with a little pocket for the photo, but if not you could use tape for the back as long as it’s not a cherished photo that you can’t replace. 😉 Washi tape is a gentle tape that would work for that purpose. If you wanted to keep the photo undamaged, you could probably find a photo safe adhesive. Hope that helps!


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