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Hi! I’m Carrie Higgins, founder of Making Lemonade and author of the book Organization Hacks. I help women save time, money and space at home so they can focus on what truly matters… such as their family, friends, and most importantly— themselves.

I’m able to teach women how to reduce stress and overwhelm at home because I have overcome it myself. Previously, I was “that person” who worked insane hours as a teacher and school librarian, commuted for hours a day, and was constantly stressed and exhausted. Like many of you, I spent all my free time cleaning and trying to keep up with paperwork, and very little time taking care of myself or doing what I loved.

Everything came to a head in 2010 when I had two kids under the age of two (one of whom has major medical needs), and was myself diagnosed with autoimmune disease. My home was a mess, we were running out of space, and I was absolutely drowning in the mental load of motherhood. Plus, my health made it hard to keep up with my precious kiddos. It felt stressful, chaotic, and exhausting.

Slowly but surely, I taught myself how to save time on each and every aspect of running our home and family life. I automated, streamlined, eliminated, and organized. Things got back on track and momentum was created. Suddenly, there was so much less to clean, I had more free time to spend doing what mattered, and everyone was happier and less stressed. 

It’s not always perfect, but we don’t aim for perfect (after all, perfectionism is unsustainable.) Now we have margin for when life gets super busy or hits a speedbump. Our home looks and feels the way I’d always wanted: a calming haven to nurture my sweet family. Most importantly, I’ve been able to create more time and space for what truly matters most— spending time with those I love, and enjoying this ‘one wild and precious life.’

You deserve more time to do what matters, and more space for what you love. I’ll help you get there!

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PR & Press

I’ve been fortunate enough to be featured in publications such as The Good Life magazine, Storage Solutions, Women’s Day, Women’s World magazine, Apartment Therapy, The Philadelphia Inquirer, and on,, and I was also the keynote speaker at Be Well Philly, a large gathering of health and wellness minded women sponsored by Philadelphia Magazine. Our story was featured also featured on an episode of Rip & Renew on HGTV.

I’ve worked with many amazing brands including Ford Motors, Martha Stewart, Glidden, Michaels, Pixar, Disney, World Market and Serena & Lily (to name a few.) Contact me if you think we’d be a good match to showcase your products in an organic, engaging way. Note: I do not accept guest posts.