Essential Oils for Summer: Tips, Tricks, & Favorites!

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Favorite Essential Oils for Summer #essentialoils #youngliving

Summer is finally, FINALLY (hey, did I mention finally?) here, and as much as I love all it has to offer there’s a few things I don’t love– bugs, bug bites, scrapes, sunburns, stinky kids’ shoes, sticky summer weather and trying to fit in a bathing suit to name a few. Since this is my first summer using essential oils I’ve been totally blown away by how much they’ve been helping combat those annoyances in order to truly enjoy these fleeting warmer months!

Being in the Outer Banks last week in all its summer glory drove home how much I’ve come to rely on my essential oils. I took the opportunity to record my very first blog video: Essential Oils for Summer! I tried very hard not to come across as a dork, but alas, I failed. 🙂 In the video, I share my favorite oils for summer and tips for using them. I also include important safety information, my homemade bug spray recipe, and a few accessories that have really helped use the oils to their highest potential:




Here’s a photo guide to most of the oils I mentioned in the video as a reference in case you’d like to pin or share it. You’ll have to listen to video to hear why these oils rock my summer socks off, though. 😉

Favorite Essential Oils for Summer #essentialoils #youngliving

As well as a handy graphic to help remind you of which oils are photosensitive. Purification isn’t on the list but I do try to avoid too much sun when I use it.

Favorite Essential Oils for Summer #essentialoils #youngliving

And as promised, here’s the accessories that are the milk to my cookies, the sweet to my tea, the spoon to my Nutella (I’m hungry):

1. Roadtripping? A car diffuser will really come in handy. Whether you’re adding Purification Oil to absorb the odor of a car full of kids and pets, adding drops of Peppermint Oil to help stay alert on a long drive, or using lemon as a mood booster (just to name a few ideas), the car diffuser is my favorite thing in the world right now aside from mojitos.

2. An essential oil travel case is MUST whether you are simply using it to store your oils in your home or carrying them around while traveling. I love the Aroma Ready cases; the one I have is made from red fabric but I’m totally digging the faux snakeskin too. 😉

3. You only make the mistake of putting a citrus oil in a plastic water bottle once before you invest in a glass bottle (watch my video to find out why!) Just ordered this one from Amazon (it got rave reviews, plus I like that it has a carrying loop) for my daily lemon & grapefruit detox waters; can’t arrive soon enough. Slurp!

4. In the video I share my DIY bug spray recipe– here’s the glass spray bottle I use for it. I keep one by the back door so my kids can spray it on as they go into the backyard (and one in my On-The-Go bag for picnics and outings).

Wondering where to start when using essential oils, how to order, or other FAQ? Check out my Young Living Essential Oils page where I share why I got started with them, answer frequently asked questions (I had them, too), and walk you through how to get some oils if you’re ready.   Definitely get in touch if I can help you in any way. I’d love to get you started on your oily journey, just ask!

Whew. I hope you enjoy first video, sharing from the heart why I adore my oils! I’m so nervous! I’d love to hear how you use essential oils in summertime, plus any favorite homemade recipes for bug spray or skincare using EOs. They’ve been incredibly life changing for me! Are there any summer annoyances you’d like to find help with? Let me know, and we’ll search for answers together!

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  1. I can attest to the photosensitivity of citrus oils. I forgot once and went to the pool after applying it in my lotion. Yikes! Thanks for making sure others are aware of this!!

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