The Streamlined Home Management Binder Resources

So you’ve purchased your Streamlined Home Management Binder (congrats!) and now you’re ready to get it assembled. We’ve included step-by-step instructions in the .pdf, but here’s links to products we’ve recommended as well as a video for visual learners.

image of contents of home management binder

For the Binder:

  • Copy of The Streamlined Home Management Binder (get it here if you haven’t already!)
home management binder table of contents

For the Tabs:

home management binder tabs

Optional (But Helpful!) Binder Accessories:

How to Assemble Your Streamlined Home Management Binder

Now it’s assembled and you’re ready to go! Check out the ‘How To Use’ section in your binder and follow it step by step to start building your ‘time snowball’ and have everything you need to run your home smoothly right at your fingertips.

streamlined home binder on table

Additional Streamlined Home Accessories

These additional yet important pieces will assist in helping you get your documents and emergency supplies organized and safely stored, plus a few favorites timesavers for cleaning and meal planning.

Fireproof and Waterproof Safe for important documents (here’s a bag version to easily grab & go)

This Car Emergency Kit should have many of the items on the Car Emergency Supplies checklist in one easy spot. Get one for each car for peace of mind.

This HALO charger is our absolute favorite for emergency situations. It has a light, can jumpstart your car, and run laptops and charge multiple items. You can keep one in your car in case it’s needed for jumpstarting, and one at home in case of power outages.

We keep these inexpensive first aid kits in our pantry and in our car and they really come in handy!

A cross-cut paper shredder is a must-have for safely disposing of paperwork– use this for bills, financial documents, health information and anything with personal information that you no longer need but don’t want to get into the wrong hands.

Use these key tags to organize important keys so everyone in the family can quickly identify them.

The Eat At Home Tonight cookbook is AMAZING for planning quick and easy dinners. It’s organized by situation– like “I only have 15 minutes to cook” and “my fridge is empty tonight” so you can always find a dinner idea to eat at home no matter your time, energy level, or ingredients on hand.

Hands-down my favorite streamlined cleaning tool: this vacuum/ mop floor cleaner knocks out two jobs at one time (and does it really, really well too.)

The best wall-mounted laundry bags for sorting laundry in a small space.

Use these packing cubes along with the Packing List so you don’t forget a thing. Bon voyage!

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Recommended supplies for setting up your binder and streamlining your home:

Now you’re ready to start organizing all aspects of your home and life. Read the instructions in the How to Use the Streamlined Home Management Binder section for where to start, and tag us over on Instagram so we can follow along!