Timeless Pieces for Building Your Capsule Wardrobe

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Classic wardrobe pieces for your closet

Decluttering my entire life taught many lessons, and aside from ‘chevron is not a trend that’s going to last’ it also taught me about my spending habits– mostly that they were not good.

As I went through each piece of clothing in my stuffed closet, I realized the ‘fast fashion’ and clothing I’d bought on sale were my least favorite pieces. When I reached for clothes to wear, it was rarely those. In fact, when you add up all the not-loved pieces in my closet, it dawned on me that I could have used that money instead to invest in clothing that I felt excited to wear and that would last a LOT longer, both style and quality-wise.

Fashion favorites

When it came down to it, I found I’d rather spend $100 on a pair of flats I’d wear daily then $35 on three pairs that pinched my feet. That $22 sweater that I got on sale pilled immediately, whereas the cashmere I invested in 3 years ago not only still looks new but is still in style. And it’s not just about money– my favorite necklace was only $25 but the point is when I saw it, it made my heart flutter. The necklaces I have piling up didn’t make me feel that way, and now they’re cluttering my closet.

Fashion must haves

With all that in mind, I rounded up a few of my favorite pieces for building a timeless capsule wardrobe. These are pieces you can add a little at a time and complement with trendier, less expensive items if needed. But those Hunter Boots and Ray-Bans just aren’t going out of style any time soon. The white Oxford has been around for 100 years if not more. The gold bangle? CLASSIC.

As for the distressed jeans and booties… well, those might not feel as current in 3 years but at that price point it’s okay. For now, they’ll feel fresh and pair beautifully with the other pieces mentioned.

Next week, I’m sharing a free printable capsule wardrobe checklist; but you can start creating yours today with these classic pieces for building a wardrobe you will love!

Classic must have items for your closet

I personally own most of the items in the above list (or a duplicate item if I couldn’t find the exact piece,) and they make up the majority of my wardrobe. The outfits I can create from those 21 items (plus a few on-trend pieces added in) is unbelievable!

Stock up on these classic must-have capsule wardrobe basics that never go out of style!

Stay tuned for the free printable checklist next week to help you on your journey to save time and money by building a timeless capsule wardrobe too!

Stock up on these classic must-have capsule wardrobe basics that never go out of style!


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