Snow Day Treats


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Remember that snowstorm back in October, dubbed “Snowtober?”  The one that made me think the winter ahead was going to be brutal, that I might as well pack our bags for North Carolina because we’d spend another winter buried under endless snow?  Because last year the snow did. not. stop. and I probably posted once a week about how crazy we were driving ourselves being stuck inside?

Yeah.  Since that freak October snowfall, we haven’t had one flake of the white stuff.  It’s been unseasonably warm on some days, then “smack your mama”* cold, then back to warm.  Yet, no snow.

* don’t really smack your mama.  Unless you are Bee, who has a habit of accidentally headbutting me in the eye socket. Daily. Stinker.

The kids are sad.  They want to use their sleds, mittens, and snowman kit.

To cheer them up, I planned a Snow Day Treat.  The forecast this week called for cold temps, and then torrential rain.  We made a mock snow day, and since it was too cold and rainy to go outside so we had to bring some of the magic of a snow day in.  Perfect timing, too, because Noodle is all kinds of sick so we’ve been stuck in the house all week long.

Kinda like a snowstorm!  But not nearly as fun.

You can’t throw a stick on Pinterest without hitting a recipe for Oreo Truffles.  I found two recipes, one from Bakerella and the other from Chef In Training that inspired my version, the Oreo Snowball.  If you made my spiced cake pops before, this is about 1000% times easier.  It take three ingredients, you don’t bake them, and they were ready in under an hour.

Oreo Snowballs

Alright, ready for the ingredients?  It’s a long list, so study carefully:

Cream Cheese (4 to 6 ounces)

Sandwich Cookies (one package)

Chocolate Chips (one package, I used white chocolate)

Toppings are optional, but you can use crushed oreo crumbs, sprinkles, mini chips, or flaked coconut to resemble real snowballs (if my kids liked it, I’d be all about that!)

Step One:  Add whole cookies to food processor, and blend until all the cookies are in tiny crumbs.

Don’t worry, Noodle loved it.  That’s a smile, not a grimace, scout’s honor!

Step Two:  Place in medium sized bowl.  If you have cookie chunks, take them out and re-blend.  Add softened cream cheese to bowl (I softened mine a teeny bit in the microwave) and stir into the crumbs.  The amount of cream cheese you use depends on your preference, I used 3/4 pkg. of cookies and 4 ounces of cream cheese for this recipe and the cake balls were super moist.  Then, go ahead and use your hands to blend it all together.

Just wanted to note the lumps in the above photo are not cookie chunks, they are actually crumbs stuck together.  They came free with a tap of the spoon. 

Step Three:  Form into walnut-sized balls, and place on cookie sheet covered with wax paper.  Remember that you’ll be adding a layer of chocolate so don’t make them too big.  Once formed, place in freezer for at least 15 minutes but up to one week.  I froze mine for 30 minutes and it was the perfect amount of time for me.

Step Four: Melt your chocolate.  We have a new microwave and I was thrilled to discover it had a chocolate chip melting function!  If you don’t have that, be sure to use the defrost setting or a lower setting.  Check it every 30 seconds or so, and stir.  The chips will stay formed, even if melted, unless you stir so don’t skip that step or you might burn them!

Step Five: Once melted, dip your cookie balls into the chocolate.  Now here’s where your snowballs can go really wrong.  {don’t worry, if you don’t do the best dipping job they’ll still taste good.  and that’s the most important part, right?}  My biggest hint is use them right after you take the tray out from the freezer, and TAKE YOUR TIME.   I rolled mine around once until it was covered, and took it out.  TRY TO DO THIS AS EVENLY AS POSSIBLE or they’ll be lumpy.  You’re going to have one part with less chocolate, fact of life, so that became the bottom.  Once dipped, place back onto wax paper covered cookie sheet.  The chilled cookie sheet will help them dry quickly.

If desired, add toppings while the chocolate is still wet.  Once dry, I placed them into mini-cupcake holders where they looked darling.

Optional: use up any leftover ingredients by dipping oreos in to the melted chocolate.  Did I mention I made these during my juice cleanse?  No?  TORTURE, I’m telling you.  My husband assured me the were delicious.

Step Six:  Serve to your sweeties.  Pretend it’s snowing outside.  They are especially delicious with hot chocolate.

Or milk, if you are Bee.

I have to say, part of the fun was a mother/son trek to Weis Markets for the ingredients.  While there, I checked out their Preferred Shoppers Club Card and Gas Rewards program.  To see our experience, along with lots more photos, and hear more about the program check out my story on Google+.  And while there, I’d love if you’d add me to your circle so I can add you to mine, mkay?  I’m still figuring out this Google+ thing– the more, the merrier I say!

What are your snow day traditions?  Anyone “luckier” in the snow department this year?  Do you have a fave snow day treat to share?  I’d love to hear about it!
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