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Freshly Squeezed Ideas for Home and Family

I’m Carrie, a summer loving girl living in the Philadelphia ‘burbs.  I’m a mom to two kiddos, who at ages 3 and 4 keep things interesting around here. A former school librarian, I’ve traded in my pencils for play-doh and my heels for running shoes.  A dreamer, a thinker, and sometimes do-er (when I have a free moment, that is) I’m happily serving up freshly squeezed ideas for home and family here in my bloggy sandbox.

Making Lemonade Mantra

So just how DO you create a lifestyle that fits this season of your life?  I’m all about inspiring you with easy and simple ideas, because quite honestly, who has time to be complicated?  Making Lemonade is a place to find:

  • beautiful home decor and DIY projects that fit your style
  • simple organization ideas
  • engaging activities and crafts for kids
  • festive but totally manageable party ideas
  • easy and healthy recipes the whole family will love
  • plus, the random post about motherhood because we’re all connected

About Making Lemonade

Why Making Lemonade?

After my daughter’s traumatic birth turned our world upside down, we knew we had a choice– make lemonade, or live with sour lemons. Needless to say, we made lemonade and haven’t looked back since (though some days we may add a dash of tequila).  It wasn’t easy, going from two incomes to one and facing scary odds but that little fighter taught us more about life than I learned in my previous 30 {something} years.

If you’d like to learn more about my daughter’s vasa previa (ruptured umbilical cord) and our journey since, here’s a few posts on the subject.  My friends would like to remind you to keep your tissues handy {sidenote: I have the world’s most wonderful friends!}

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About Making Lemonade

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Mission:  Making Lemonade shares freshly squeezed ideas for house and home.  I believe in creating a home you love that fits your family and lifestyle.  You’ll find articles on DIY projects, home decor, recipes, healthy living, ideas and activities for kids, and motherhood (from balancing it all to mom style posts).  This blog has a strong focus on personal style as well as easy ideas for anyone to implement in their own homes and lives.  I hope you’ll come along for the ride!