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The KonMari method of decluttering and organizing has people decluttering everything from clothing to toys to papers and more. We’ve updated our popular Ultimate KonMari Decluttering and Organizing checklist and made it even BETTER, so you can truly declutter and organize once and for all!

On a KonMari Method of decluttering kick? Here’s how to organize your closet the KonMari way and how to declutter and organize books.

konmari decluttering checklist

The ultimate KonMari decluttering checklist I posted years ago is one of our most popular blog posts, and I still get tagged on Instagram years later with people using it which makes my organizing geek heart skip a beat.

Since it’s been awhile since we posted the original checklist, I decided it was time for an update. I went through each category and expanded it so you don’t miss a thing; this is also helpful if time or energy is limited so you can tackle one small group each day and don’t get overwhelmed. I also added a checkbox next to each item to make it easier to check off after you decluttered each category… ’cause let’s face it, checking that little box feels SO DANG GOOD.

The ULTIMATE free printable KonMari Decluttering checklist to tidy up every inch of your home #KonMari #Decluttering

Why is it important that the decluttering checklist is arranged by category and not room? Here’s a bit of background for you before we jump into the free checklist!

What is the KonMari Method?

The KonMari Method was created by Marie Kondo and popularized by her book The Lifechanging Magic of Tidying Up . It’s a system for decluttering and tidying your home that encourages you to only keep items that spark joy in your life. It’s a complete decluttering method in which you declutter by category of item and NOT room-by-room, thus ensuring the most thorough weeding out of anything you don’t use and love.

Decluttering the kitchen

How do you declutter using the KonMari Method?

  1. Commit to decluttering your entire space, thoroughly and completely, no matter how long it takes. Imagine your ideal lifestyle and how great it will feel to have a clear, clean space to keep you motivated.
  2. Go through your possessions by category, not location. Gather everything in that category no matter where they are in your home.
  3. Work through the categories in the specific order on the checklist. This goes from easier (clothing) to harder (sentimental items). The more you practice discarding and tidying, the easier it becomes.
  4. Hold each item and ask if it sparks joy, or if it’s something you consistently use and need. Keep only those items you need and love.
  5. Discard first, then organize.
cleaning out junk drawers

Which categories do you declutter using the KonMari method?

When diving into the KonMari Method, it’s important to follow a specific order of categories, ensuring a systematic and efficient decluttering process. Let’s explore the magic behind each category and the order in which Marie Kondo recommends tackling them:

  1. Clothing: According to the KonMari Method, start with your closet—a space that holds more than just fabric. The KonMari Method encourages you to assess every piece of clothing, one by one, and ask yourself the pivotal question: Does this spark joy? By holding each item and gauging your emotional response, you’ll begin to create a wardrobe that aligns with your authentic self.
  2. Books: As you move on to the second category, immerse yourself in the world of literature. The KonMari Method suggests gathering all your books in one place, then deciding which ones bring you joy. It’s not about quantity but quality—keeping only those books that resonate with you on a personal level. This process can be liberating as you curate a collection that reflects your genuine interests and passions.
  3. Paper: The third category takes you into the realm of paper—documents, letters, receipts, and all the miscellaneous paperwork that clutters your life. Marie Kondo encourages you to confront these items with gratitude, discarding what you don’t need and organizing what remains. Streamlining your paper possessions not only frees physical space but also declutters your mind, fostering a sense of clarity and focus.
  4. Komono (Miscellaneous Items): Now it’s time to tackle the odds and ends and delve into the miscellaneous items that accumulate in our homes. From kitchen utensils to sentimental trinkets, the KonMari Method invites you to confront these odds and ends, evaluating each item’s joy-sparking potential. This category provides an opportunity to simplify and revitalize various aspects of your living space.
  5. Sentimental Items: The final category is perhaps the most emotionally charged: sentimental items. By leaving these treasures for last, you’ve honed your ability to discern true joy. Cherish and celebrate the sentimental items that hold profound meaning, letting go of the rest. This step is not about minimizing memories but rather preserving and treasuring them in a more intentional manner.

Those categories are fairly broad, especially the ‘Komono’ category, making it hard to truly focus on one area at a time. That’s where our printable decluttering checklist comes in and breaks each category into smaller, more manageable pieces!

donations from decluttering in hallway

Video: How do you use the KonMari decluttering checklist?

Following the criteria above, work your way through the checklist by category, starting with Clothing and ending with Sentimental. It’s important to follow the order of categories, but you can do each line item in whichever order you wish. Check off each group of items after they’ve been decluttered and organized.

category list in the ultimate KonMari decluttering checklist

How to Download the FREE KonMari Decluttering Checklist

Click HERE or on the photo below to download your free KonMari Decluttering Checklist.

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Organizing Tip: Make dropping off your discards at a thrift store part of your weekly routine. That way, it’s out of your home and blessing someone else, and you’ll quickly start to feel the positive impact of all your hard work!

tips for shopping thrift stores like a pro and a peek behind the scenes of how they work!

As always, I looooooove when you share photos of using the checklist and tag me on Instagram. It helps your friends find the checklist and helps us encourage each other in our decluttering and organizing sprees!

Need to declutter? Pin this Decluttering Checklist to save it!

photo of the KonMari Decluttering checklist free printable
photo of the KonMari Decluttering checklist free printable
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