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As any typical 2-year-old might, Bee kept pulling the art in his room right off the wall (and using it as a frisbee, but I digress).  Since I was going through the trouble of moving the embroidery hoops higher, I decided to revamp them in one fell swoop– or else Bee was going to do that for me.  The timing was perfect anyways, considering I’m *thisclose* to being done with his cars themed room makeover.  After some experimenting, I came up with a few DIY wall art ideas I think you’ll love.  I’m a big fan of kids room decor that’s bold, fun, and inexpensive– and this fits the bill.  Because when it comes to decorating kids rooms in our home, being classy, easy, and Bee-proof is a must.

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3 Easy Embroidery Hoop Wall Art Ideas

Here’s the starting point: embroidery hoops filled with fabric in Bee’s nautical themed nursery.  I found those hoops on eBay and got the lot for about $10.

3 Easy Embroidery Hoop Wall Art Ideas


Last year I bought about a dozen more at a yard sale for $2.  Why have only a few when you can hoard more?  While I adored the originals the way they were, Bee’s now outgrown the ‘cutesy’ fabric.  Therefore I came up with three wall art ideas using embroidery hoops for the price of one– ranging from really easy to super easy to ‘so easy even Carrie can do it’— all fit for the room of an almost 3-year-old boy.

3 Easy Embroidery Hoop Wall Art Ideas

Embroidery Hoop Idea #1:  Change the Fabric

So, nothing too revolutionary here.  I simply traded out the old fabric for new.  Speaking of new, the orange polka dot fabric came from my second home, IKEA.  I almost draped myself up in it while at the store but then would have been unable to run after Bee.  It was only $4.99 a yard and I’m so in love.  I also added a burlap circles to keep it ‘boyish’.  And plus I had it handy.  So sue me.

3 Easy Embroidery Hoop Wall Art Ideas

Embroidery Hoop Idea #2: Stamp it Out

Another easy idea, I simply used my trusty magnetic letter stamps* and stamped the word ‘beep’ onto fabric using the same method as my DIY Stamped Tea Towels.  First I created a frame with blue painter’s tape to keep the letters lined up and straight.

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3 Easy Embroidery Hoop Wall Art Ideas

Then I brushed navy blue craft paint on the stamps before stamping it onto the fabric.

3 Easy Embroidery Hoop Wall Art Ideas

Voila! BEEP.

3 Easy Embroidery Hoop Wall Art Ideas

Embroidery Hoop Idea #3: Hand Traced Pen & Ink Art

At first I wanted bold tire shapes in the hoops, but ran out of brain power to figure out how to make it happen.  Thankfully I found a great tutorial by Setting for Four for tracing kids’ art onto tea towels.  I followed Heather’s tutorial, but instead used transportation images: trains, trikes, wagons, and wheels.  But the base material is the same: flour sack towels (got these at Walmart for under $5 a pack, we use tons of them at home).

3 Easy Embroidery Hoop Wall Art Ideas

I found the images by searching The Graphics Fairy and printed them out.  Then, placing a flour sack towel over top of each image, I traced them using a fine tipped Sharpie marker.

3 Easy Embroidery Hoop Wall Art Ideas

3 Easy Embroidery Hoop Wall Art Ideas

Did I mention I did this outside on a spring day?  Bliss.

3 Easy Embroidery Hoop Wall Art Ideas

Into the hoops they went, and BOOM, art.

3 Easy Embroidery Hoop Wall Art Ideas

3 Easy Embroidery Hoop Wall Art Ideas

3 Easy Embroidery Hoop Wall Art Ideas

After all the hoops were ready, I hung them on the wall using nails.  I wish I could say I had a method to my madness, but honestly I used the previous nail holes and then added a few more for the additional hoops.  Picture me, with a hammer, saying: “I need one here!”  And without a thought I’d stick up a hoop.

3 Easy Embroidery Hoop Wall Art Ideas

Now all three styles hang safely in Bee’s room, waiting for the day he has a growth spurt and can knock them off the wall again.  That’ll be my signal that it’s time to redecorate!

 3 Easy Embroidery Hoop Wall Art Ideas

BEEP.   😉

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