Front Doors: Dreaming in Color


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We’re painting our front door.  Actually our hallway and stairway too, but that’s not nearly as sexy.  Where did I head when I first started researching front door colors?  As if you even had to ask– my Curb Appeal board on Pinterest, of course.  Aside from how the front door looks from the curb, it also matters how it looks on the inside {‘pretty on the inside’ works for doors as well as people, did you know that?} so I had lots on my mind when I started scouting out front door ideas!  So many colors, designs, and styles…

Front Door Colors and Ideas

But first, the one image that takes my breath away and quite literally makes my heart skip a beat:

Black front door with glass

Source: Ciao! Newport Beach

I don’t know what it is.  Maybe the sharp black door contrasting with the crisp white trim?  The light pouring in?  The gorgeous stairs and griege wall color?  It makes me feel good, it seems to define my style in a way I’m not sure words could. Here’s another example of a black door with white trim, so pretty and classic.

Black Front door with glassFront door with glass - outside

Source (both): The Yellow Cape Cod

I wonder if the owners of the next home would let me move in ASAP?  More dark door love, more white trim, plus some rustic touches like the brick floor.  As much as I adore color, I’d love to come home to an entryway like this one!

Black barn door

Source: Ciao! Newport Beach

Just in case you didn’t catch it before, I love black doors and white trim.

Black front door with trees

Source: Ciao! Newport Beach

Black front door and porch

Source: Pinterest

Black front door with shrubs

Source: The Urban Un-MARTHA

Wanna know what else I love?  Moravian star pendants!  And this one has one right about the door.  Pinch me.

Green front door with star pendants

Source: Ciao! Newport Beach

Our home is a colonial style, circa 1967 or so.  If I did want a bold color for a front door, it’s refreshing to know it would look good on a more traditional style home:

Green front door

Source: Pinterest

And now for more eye candy.  Front door colors in just about every shape, size, and color!

Tiffany blue front door

Source: Slumber Designs

Blue door with glass

Source: Desire to Inspire

Blue front door with glass

Source: Storywood Designs

Tiffany blue front door with white trim

Source: RCWilley

Cobalt door with anchor knocker

Source: The House that Lars Built

Red front door

Source: Better Homes and Gardens

Yellow front door

Source: Little House on the Corner

Bright yellow/orange front door

Source: Tumblr

Blue house orange door

Source: Belle Maison

Pink front door

Source: Maison & Demeure

wood front door

Source: Decorating Ideas Made Easy

Ahhhh… who knew front doors could be so inspiring?  I wish I had more than one, just so I could paint them in various colors!  And also?  If I had more than one front door it would mean I’d have more than one house and it would most likely be at the beach.

Just some food for thought.  All my front doors.  And where they’d be located.  😉

If you’re in the market for a new front door color, here’s the 10 Best Colors to Paint your Front Door via House Beautiful.  Lots more ‘pretty’ can be found over there, as usual.

Do you have a bold front door, or a more traditional color?  Any front door painting in your future?  And where would all your dream front doors be located?

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