25 Best Halloween Decorations on Amazon {Stylish + Spooky!}


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If you’re looking for the best affordable Halloween decorations, check out the spooky decor we found on Amazon! Whether you’re searching for creative Halloween DIY ideas or indoor and outdoor decor that’s ready to go, here’s what we’re scooping up to decorate our home for Halloween 2020.

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spooky halloween decorations collage

Please don’t throw rotten pumpkins at me, but I have to confess: I’m not the biggest Halloween decorator out there. ::ducks head:: That being said, this holiday does fire up my creative side and in 2020 more than ever we NEED a distraction, so the kids and I went on a bit of a Halloween decor spree!

My style tends to be neutral colors and natural textures, so we skipped the bright plastic decorations and went for something a bit more ‘understated haunted house’ and spooky (as opposed to gore and horror. This year has been horrible enough, right? UGH!)

No matter what your style may be, you can use the Making Lemonade seasonal decorating mantra to build your Halloween decor capsule: only buy what you love, and use items you can keep out all year long (such as vases, frames and glass domes) and swap out what’s inside them as the seasons change.

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What would you put in a Halloween Decor Capsule?

Y’all know I love my decor capsules! It’s how I keep my clutter to a minimum while still decorating seasonally. I prefer to buy pieces that can be styled differently each season, and/or stand-alone pieces that can be easily switched out every few months.

Holiday Decorating Formula

It boils down to a 3 step decorating formula that works for every season. It’s easy as 1-2-3!

1. Invest in a few decorating pieces that can be used year-round:

Halloween floral arrangment

2. Swap out these decor pieces as the seasons change:

clear skull shot glasses
cocktail mixer station

3. Sprinkle in a few decorations that are specific to the holiday such as:

I’m adding these Skull Planters to my cart, ASAP.

skull planters

Maybe a mantel scarf for a spooky vignette.

Halloween spider web mantel scarf

These black paper bats and paper butterflies are creepy and cheap, too. Attach them to the wall around windows, mirrors and artwork for the full effect.

black paper buttlerflies on wall
black bats on wall

Add some (faux) skulls and skeletons to tabletops and bookcases for a bit of creep factor.

fake skull

Perch faux ravens or crows on art, vases, books… the possibilities are endless. Poe would be delighted, I’m sure.

3 fake crows

These hairy spiders (EEK!) can be used indoors or outdoors.

fake hairy outdoor spiders

I have oversized wood chain links on my entryway table that I use year-round as decor, so this metal-look chain would be a funny swap!

metal chain prop for Halloween

Here’s a quick DIY tip: add potion stickers to plastic wine glasses for fun keepsake cups for future Halloween gatherings.

halloween cocktail

Can you really find great Halloween decor on Amazon?

Yes! And if you’re a Prime member, you’ll get free shipping on most of it, too. I didn’t think I’d find much on Amazon since I tend to like more upscale pieces that we will want to use year after year, so I was shocked at what I found when I went digging. With a little creativity, you can set up your own haunted house with these budget-friendly finds.

See how it goes together so beautifully?! All of those items in the collage below are from Amazon!

Halloween decor from Amazon collage
shop the post handlettered

I guess for not being much of a ‘Halloween decorator’, I do have some fun with this holiday. My kids love helping put it all out, and using my decorating mantra above there’s any easy way to store it in the off-season.

What’s your Halloween decor style? Spooky, creepy, vintage, neutral, bold, bright, gory, or none at all?

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halloween decorations collage

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