9 Must-Have Spring Cleaning Tools

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Whether you’re spring cleaning or want to build the perfect cleaning system for your home, here’s the 9 of the best multitasking cleaning products that we feel are ‘must haves’ to keep our home tidy and clean without the fuss!

Spring cleaning your home? Check out this free printable spring cleaning calendar with tasks to deep clean your home top to bottom in 30 days.

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My main rule for cleaning my home is simple: MAKE IT EASY. Use the best tool for the job, and streamline everything so a tidy home becomes a habit, not a burden. I look for multi-tasking cleaning tools which saves tons of storage space because everything does double (and even triple) duty.

Without further ado, here’s my top 9 must-have cleaning supplies for a clean and tidy home without the extra work and fuss!

spring cleaning supplies collage

9 Spring Cleaning Tools and Supplies

Microfiber Cleaning Cloths– I use these for dusting and cleaning and doing ALL THE THINGS. After using each cloth, I lay them out to dry (either on a drying rack or draped over the edge of a bucket) and then wash together in one load weekly.

microfiber cleaning cloths in bin

Bissell Crosswave Wet/Dry Floor Mop and Vacuum– this tool is the ultimate multitasker because it vacuums AND mops floors at the same time. Yes, you read that right– it vacuums and wet mops simultaneously! In my home we use it on our hardwoods, tile floors, and throw rugs. I call it the ‘magic floor cleaner’ because I don’t know why but my cleaning-adverse husband actually uses this thing without prompting. Anything that can get him to happily clean the floors is a WIN in my book!

bissell crosswave wet/dry floor map

Scrub Daddy– These are my absolute favorite scrubbing sponges because they don’t hold odors, are SUPER easy to clean, and work without scratching. Plus, Scrub Daddies come in different colors which makes color coding easy.

Why color code your cleaning? It’s an easy way to make sure you don’t cross-contaminate your bathroom scrubber with your kitchen scrubber (ewwww!)

Scrub Daddy sponge in box

Laundry Baskets and Laundry Bags– Having the right baskets and bags can make all the difference in easing the burden of laundry. These are the exact laundry baskets we have, and they’ve lasted at least 10 years so far.

small space laundry room

As for the laundry bags, these beauties hold a ton of dirty laundry. They’re perfect for sorting laundry without hogging floor space like a traditional rolling laundry sorter.

laundry sorter and hooks in mudroom

Folex Stain Remover– While we only use one cleaning product for most of our cleaning (keep reading for that one!), I do have a bottle of Folex Stain Remover because this stuff really and truly gets out every stain from carpets to couches to everything in between.

Handheld Vacuum- This is a must have for homes with kids and/or pets to clean up daily messes. I also use ours for vacuuming out drawers when I deep clean, the car, and around the trash area. Grab-and-go is the name of the game when it comes to easily cleaning, and this handheld vacuum fits the bill! I also just ordered this one after hearing rave reviews and it’s going upstairs to make it easy for the fam to quickly pick up their own messes.

handheld vacuum

Dyson Cordless Vacuum– I know I’m a bit vacuum heavy when it comes to cleaning tools, but keeping floors clean helps keep them from getting scratched. And this one is top-notch and checks off all the boxes, including my most important one: MAKE IT EASY. You mount the charger to the wall so you can easily charge it, grab it for quick clean-up, and put back neatly. Even the kids and my husband love using it!

TIP: the Dyson is pricey, but goes on sale occasionally. Keep checking prices, especially around Black Friday sales!

Extendable Duster This extendable duster is really handy for clearing cobwebs, dusting light fixtures and high sills. It works great indoors and out so it’s perfect for spring cleaning porches, garages, and eaves.

Chom Chom Pet Hair Remover– When a product has almost 100K positive reviews on Amazon, you know it’s good! This works like a magic wand to remove pet hair from household areas. It’s a must-have if you have cats or dogs.

Toilet Brush– Cleaning toilets is actually super easy because we use these DIY toilet fizzies so the work is pretty much done for us. However, I do like to give the inside a quick swipe with a toilet brush and get under the rim as well. Since the brush is typically stored near the toilet, get one that looks nice such as this toilet brush— it makes a bigger difference than you’d think!

glass spray bottle with cleaning solution

Where to Store Cleaning Supplies

The great thing about this system is because of using tools that multi-task, it cleaning products don’t take up a lot of space. We store all the smaller products in a cleaning caddy that can be toted from room-to-room with ease. This cleaning caddy sits on top of a bucket (sold separately), which is a handy set and great way to store all your supplies.

cleaning caddy with cleaning products

The vacuum cleaners are stored in various closets according to frequency of use. For example, the handheld and cordless vacuum is in our pantry just feet away from the area it’s used most– the kitchen and eating area.

Our larger vacuum and Bissell floor cleaner are stored in our coat closet because we only use them one or twice a week as needed.

Additionally, we store a broom in our pantry for quick sweeping as well. This wall holder is handy for storing our broom and other hanging tools such as dusters out of the way.

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Shop all the best cleaning products in one spot!

Here’s our favorite natural cleaning tools, plus a few more amazing products we use for laundry and other specific cleaning tasks:

These multitasking products make spring cleaning SO much easier. They’re great for weekly cleaning as well as deep cleaning too. I’ve found that between these 9 items, I can tackle just about any cleaning task in my home.

hand soap next to kitchen sink

What are your must-have favorite spring cleaning tools?

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