Love Actually Themed Christmas Tree


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 “If you look for it, I’ve got a sneaking suspicion…
love actually
all around.”

It’s hard to remember how or why it first happened.  But for some reason, we inadvertently started a new Christmas tree decorating tradition a few years back.  After the kids went to bed one December night, my husband popped in the Love Actually DVD.  As we added lights and ornaments to our tree, one scene or another would make us stop for awhile, soak it in, and then continue decorating.  Eventually drinks were poured, and by the end of the movie we were sitting on the couch with empty wine glasses in hand, glowing by the light of our now-decorated tree and smiling at the message of the story.

We’ve done it that way every year since.

For some reason, I knew I had to include that theme in our Christmas tree this year.  It’s been a difficult few months for my extended family, and I’ve learned never to take those you love for granted.

A few weeks ago, the new Pottery Barn catalog arrived and on one of those glossy pages they featured a $12 glittered photo frame ornament.  You know I only see such a thing as a challenge.  So I went about making my own version, which ended up being super lightweight on the tree (versus a heavy frame).  It’s probably silly to say, but these photo frames (which cost way less than $1 to make) are now by far my favorite ornaments ever.

Bee, Noodle, The Hubs, my nephew, sister, brother-in-law, parents, mother-in-law, uncle…

they all got the glitter treatment and hang lovingly among the branches of our tree.

I’ll post the tutorial here next week, but if you’d like to see it today then visit The CSI Project on Wednesday.  I’m guest posting there and as always would love if you’d stop by and say hello!

But… back to the movie.  As I stared at all those beautiful glittering faces of the ones most dear to me, the words “love actually is all around” kept running through my head.  How apropos that the movie and the ornaments went together, that my loves were all around our tree this year.  And I knew I had to take it one step further.

Enter the Love Actually garland.  After what felt like hours of stamping with my large lowercase alphabet stamps, I had my own handmade garland with that famous phrase.  Scattered around it were also the names of family members and also the word “blessed.”  It popped into my head as I was stamping, and who was I to argue with it?

Now I have a tree dotted with photos of my sweeties and encircled by a garland full of love.

Look who I caught snuggling in front of the tree last weekend.

Love?  It actually IS all around.

Do you have a special holiday tradition, 
or favorite movie to watch each Christmas?  
Am I alone in my adoration of Love Actually?!
look… hearts! can I get a collective “awwwwww?”
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