Better Late Than Never: Wreaths

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I had a whole slew of Christmas decor themed posts written in my head but alas they never got published.  Next year, I’ll start researching them in October!  Until then, here’s the one on wreaths that I’m hoping is better late than never…

First, this year’s front door wreath:

I was inspired by this wreath from Martha Stewart, which I’m embarrassed to show you because I cut many corners so mine is not nearly as spectacular:

I hung another in the entryway.  It was from Restoration Hardware a few years ago, and has a simple white satin bow:

This sparkler adds some color to the drink cart in my dining room:

Last is my feather wreath.  I’m SO not a feather wreath person, but for some reason I love it!  I made it really over the top with a glitter ribbon.  I’m also not a glitter ribbon person.  Go figure.  I must say the total over-the-topness brightens up the dowdy brick fireplace nicely:


Next year I’ll get started a little earlier.  I LOVE square boxwood wreaths, and would really like to make one like this:

But add ribbon like this:

and then add goodies to it, like these:

There are instructions on how to make a square wreath (for under $6, I might add) on the blog For What it’s Worth.  I’m on the lookout for boxwood garland that won’t break the bank to do this project next year!

I also scooped up some small pink pinecone ornaments (at Homegoods) and silver/pink bulbs and beautiful pink ribbon (at Joanns)… all on sale, of course.  I’d love to make a pink themed wreath for my daughter, so it’s going in the project bin for next year.

Did you make a wreath this year?  If so, would you mind sharing the link so I can add it to my bookmarks?  I’m such a sucker for other people’s creative ideas!
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  1. I haven’t ever made my own wreath, but I do hang pre-made wreaths from time to time. My parents always have some sort of wreath hanging over their fireplace no matter what time of year it is.

  2. Wow, it’s Wreath-O-Mania over at your house! I love it. My poor pathetic place is lucky to have a tree.


    Hope you’re having a good holiday week. (visiting from SITS)

    – Margaret

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