Christmas Cookie Countdown

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Did anyone else read Brittany’s post on Make It and Love It last week?

I, too, adore my Mrs. Fields Cookie Book (still remember buying it in 1999 after I tried a friend’s oatmeal lace cookies) but that’s not what made it resonate with me.   Mostly it’s the way Brittany took the baking of Christmas cookies one step further and involved the family in a special and personal way.  I fondly remember making cookies with my parents over the holidays when I was younger, so “kicking it up a notch” by having your children and husband pick out “their” cookie each year (and making it with them) was one of the sweetest ideas I could think of in this busy holiday season.

individual time with your family members + a fun activity + sugar + Christmas = 

On a whim, and because I had four bags of chocolate chips I needed to get rid of, I pulled out the butter and made chocolate chip cookies with Noodle on Friday night.  No photos, because we were up to our elbows in flour, but we both had on our aprons and huge smiles on our faces.  Noodle even tried a “chip”, and deemed it “mmmm, taste good.”  From a child that hates to eat.  Blessings!

As for choosing her own cookie next year, I’ve already got her practicing.

Here are links to blog posts of Christmas past with my three favorite cookie recipes:
Raspberry Fudge Thumbprint Cookies (also Mrs. Fields recipe… shhhhh…)

I might cut back the baking this year because I’m still trying to lose those last ten few pounds of baby weight, but one or two of those bad boys WILL be baked this week.

I’m leaving it up to my husband to decide which ones.  And recruiting him to help.  Ahhhh, love!

Be sure to check out the original post on Make It And Love It to see which cookies they chose to bake this year along with some great freezing and storing tips.  All I have to say is: YUM.

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  1. We baked cookies this weekend in fact with a whole slew of teenagers participating! Your little angel looks very helpful, and I LOVE that tiny wisp of a ponytail.

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