Coffee Themed Gift Card Holder

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What’s more therapeutic than sitting down for a looooong coffee talk with a BFF?  Not much, really.  With warm cups in hand, words start flowing and coffee gets sipped and all is right in the world– if just for those few minutes, anyways.  I miss long coffee talks with BFFs, and so when my friend Nicky turned 21 {wink} this past December I wanted to nothing more than sit down with her for an hour (or a few days) and have an all out gab session.

Too bad she lives 12 hours away.  ::sniffle::

Coffee Themed Gift Card Holder {DIY Gift Idea}

Instead, a gift card to Starbucks would have to suffice.  But I wanted it to convey just how much I love her, and our coffee talks, and how lucky I am to have her in my life.  Which isn’t an easy sentiment to share with a simple plastic card.  In other words, the gift card sleeve would have to do the talking for me.  As I stood there with my gift card in one hand and my chai latte in the other, an idea started percolating.

After buying the gift card, I casually borrowed grabbed and ran out of the store with an extra cardboard coffee sleeve.  The Starbucks ‘name on the cup’ is iconic, and my funniest story about it is the time they wrote ‘Gary’ as my name on the cup.  Really.  Because I look like a Gary, apparently.  Anyways, the first thing was to write her name on the coffee sleeve to emulate how they write names on cups.

Coffee Themed Gift Card Holder {DIY Gift Idea}

Next, I pulled out my other BFF: my Dymo Labeler.  After playing with the settings, I figured out how to make the text small (though I couldn’t figure out a check box, so I had to hand write that part in).

Coffee Themed Gift Card Holder {DIY Gift Idea}

Then, a check in each box and a heart because I love her.

Coffee Themed Gift Card Holder {DIY Gift Idea}

Placing a thin line of glue at the bottom, I clamped it to dry.  Oooops, I left the binder clip on a little too long and it left an indent.  Lesson learned.  But I’m working through my paralyzing perfection so I let it be, and I know my friend doesn’t mind.

Coffee Themed Gift Card Holder {DIY Gift Idea}

Once dry, the sleeve was ready to go!  Popped it an envelope and into the mail, and sent it with love.  I’m happy to report it arrived safe and sound.  Now hopefully that special friend will either take a quiet moment to drink her favorite coffee drink OR call me so we can drink our coffee together, hidden in the locked bathroom so the kids can’t find us.

mom humor{via}

Just kidding on that last part.  But my BFF will get my joke.

If your best friend doesn’t like coffee, no worries.  This DIY coffee sleeve can be adapted for any occasion.  It would be a fun for Valentine’s Day, Father’s Day, or a special treat for a coffee-loving teacher.  Can’t you just imagine the adjectives for those?

Totally Hot Husband

Fun Loving Daddy

Kind Smart Teacher

I could go on and on, but I’d so much rather hear your ideas!

Let your imaginations go wild– who would you give this to?  And which adjectives would you write on the sleeve to describe them?!

Coffee Themed Gift Card Holder {DIY Gift Idea}

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