Self-Care Favorites for Every Budget


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It’s fall, the perfect time to recharge and practice self-care. These cozy favorites fit most budgets without taking much time; they’re small things you can add into your daily routine to take care of and pamper yourself for once. Looking for more self-care ideas? You’ll love this DIY lemonade bath bombs recipe and making your own luscious DIY rosemary-citrus body polish too!
Get cozy and relax with these perfect self care picks!

As the saying goes, “you can not pour from an empty cup“; if your cup is empty, there’s nothing to give others. Or for a house analogy, think of yourself as the foundation of a home– if the foundation isn’t strong, nothing else matters because the house will come crumbling down. AND YOU ARE NOT A CRUMBLING HOUSE, MY FRIENDS!! You are a strong, beautiful home. Which brings me to the essential concept of self-care.

Let’s get over the idea that self-care is selfish, because it isn’t; in fact, it’s essential to keeping your mind, body and spirit intact and going strong to support those around you. It IS, however, the first thing we often ignore in times of stress when we actually need it most.

shower steamer disks

(these are the DIY shower steamer disks we love so much!)

Whether you take 5 minutes to slip on a comfy robe and slippers or 15 minutes to enjoy an organic face masque, these small rituals add up to self-care to keep you going. My favorite way to relax after a hectic day is a lavender scented bath, warm tea, and then a few minutes of facial rolling with my jade roller to help support healthy skin. I make look like a nutcase but the results are worth it. This makes me feel more whole, happy and grounded plus my skin has never looked better. 🙂

jade roller

If you’re wondering why I don’t have any candles in the mix, as much as I love them I have to be honest–it’s because of the toxins. I don’t want to pollute the air in our home, especially since I have two family members with asthma. Instead I use my essential oil diffusers on the daily to scent the air naturally and without the chemicals in traditional candles. They’ve been such a blessing and a huge way we practice self-care around here.

aria diffuser

Whether it’s the perfect wineglass or socks that feel like buttah or tasty tea in a beautiful mug, there’s self-care ideas to fit any budget and even for the busiest people!

Get cozy and relax with these perfect self care picks!

jade roller with face cleaning oil bottle
Self-care doesn’t need to be expensive, a warm bath with Epson salt and soft cozy socks or slippers can ease the mind and a weary soul. How do you add self-care into your routine?
self-care ideas
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