15 Homemade Cleaners That Really Work (+ Free Printable Labels)


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Natural cleaning recipes are safer for you, your kids, and even your pets. Check out these easy homemade cleaners; they’ll save you money and jumpstart your cleaning routine the natural way!

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collage of cleaning recipes

In our house, I try to keep things as natural as possible. It’s crazy how many chemicals are in the most popular cleaners. I mean, does anyone even know what Alkyl Dimethyl Benzyl Ammonium Chlorides (C12-16) means?

It’s not that I’m totally against the store-bought cleaners (or anyone who uses them!) I just prefer the ability to control what I’m putting in our house, especially since it seems that in the colder months nobody in our house can stay well for more than 35 minutes. Okay, maybe that’s a little bit of an exaggeration, but still.

ingredients for DIY cleaning recipes

I’ve been able to try out some natural cleaning recipes over the last few years and I thought it would be great to round up some of my favorites and share them with you in one place so you can get started on your natural cleaning journey for yourself. It’s easier than you think.

Plus, I have some FREE printable cleaning labels for all your homemade cleaners. Scroll down to get them!

Best All-Around Homemade Cleaners

Natural Cleaning Wipes

Don’t get me wrong – I really do love lysol wipes. I even professed my love from them when I told you about how to naturally clean your laundry. But I really do love making my own natural cleaning wipes for cleaning up spills on the counters or the bathroom counters. You should try some!

How to make your own toxin-free DIY cleaning wipes with essential oils

Foaming Hand Soap

Clean hands without the chemicals using this homemade foaming hand soap recipe. Bonus– it leaves hands super soft and smells nice, too!

foaming hand soap with plant

Best Kitchen & Bathroom Homemade Cleaners

Homemade Heavy-Duty Bathroom Cleaner

This homemade bathroom cleaner works like a charm and is made of natural ingredients so itโ€™s safer for your family. Ditch the chemicals and get sparkling clean tile, tubs and showers with this amazing DIY bathroom cleaner that’s perfect when you need heavy-duty cleaning.

bathroom cleaner in glass spray bottle

Soft Scrub Cleaner

A kitchen cleaner made of only 2 ingredients? Heck yeah! Sign me up. This kitchen cleaner made with 2 ingredients is something we use over and over!

WOAH, this recipe for homemade all-natural soft scrubbing cleaner is a cinch to make and I can't believe the before and after!

DIY Toilet Fizzies

Don’t get in a tizzy, clean your toilet with one of these (natural) fizzies! I’m working on my mad rhymes, how am I doing? If you don’t like cleaning toilets, then this natural cleaning recipe is for you. These are easy to make and make cleaning probably the grossest place in your house a little easier.

toilet cleaning fizzies in mason jar

Magic Grout Cleaner

Getting down on your hands and knees to scrub grout sounds like a ravishing good time, yeah? Oh, just me? Okay, I’ll admit I don’t really like it either. But I will say that this little magic grout trick makes this a little less painless. You’ll want to check this one on your list of go-to natural cleaning recipes.

The MAGIC Grout Trick-- how to clean grout easily and naturally with this one trick!

Best Homemade Cleaners to Make Your Home Smell Amazing

DIY Reed Diffusers

Make your own (cordless!) reed diffusers in any scent you’d like with this cool idea using essential oils and reeds that are easy to buy right on Amazon.

how to make a reed diffuser with essential oils

Gel Air Fresheners

I love these gel air fresheners because you can choose whatever scent you want. Citrus girl like me? Yes! Like a more woodsy scent? Go for it!

DIY fresh no flame essential oils gel candle

Homemade Air Freshener

Sometimes no matter how much you clean, your air still smells or feels dirty. With this all natural air freshener, you can tailor this what your little nose desires and have your entire home smelling like anything from eucalyptus to Christmas. Hey! That kinda rhymed!

DIY pure and fresh air freshener with purification essential oil

Fall Scented Room Spray

You can make this natural room spray scented with any essential oils that fit your mood or season; this one happens to be pumpkin spice scented and it’s just perfect for a cozy fall season.

this DIY Pumpkin Spice Room Spray made with essential oils will make your home cozy and ready for fall! #fall #essentialoils #pumpkinspice

Best Homemade Deep Cleaning Recipes

Carpet Freshening Powder

Ugh. Carpets. I feel like they’re just little death traps for all the germs and dirt and grime from not only your own family, but everyone else you come in contact with. It’s hard enough keeping carpets clean, but keeping them smelling good can be even harder. At least with this natural cleaning “product”, you can keep give them a little sprucing up, smell wise. Plus, with only two ingredients it’s super cheap to make!

A must-have all natural spring cleaning recipe! DIY carpet freshening powder that only uses two ingredients!

Makeup Remover Wipes

Who says natural cleaning has to stop at products you use in your house? I also like staying as natural as possible with the products I’m using on my skin, including skin care. Au naturale if you will. These makeup remover wipes are easy to make and they’ll save you tons of money!

DIY makeup wipes with essential oils

Top Secret Stinky Shoe Solution

I gotcha covered from head to toe(s)! ๐Ÿ˜‰ Let’s face it – it’s not just boys who have stinky shoes. Boots or even slippers that are worn consistently and designed to keep your tootsies warm don’t always end up smelling great after a few days of wearing them. This is my favorite trick that I keep going back to over and over for alllll the seasons!

kids shoes with stinky shoe solution

Jewelry Cleaner

Bling bling baby! If your bling is on your finger or in your ears or around your neck or just a random bag of diamonds you keep hidden somewhere, you’ll want to keep it shining bright with this natural bling wash!

Lots of homemade cleaners contain harsh chemicals that can actually damage jewelry, try this DIY natural jewelry cleaner instead! A quick soak and your bling will be shiny and like new!

How to Get Printable Homemade Cleaner Labels

free printable cleaning labels on table

Get these free printable homemade cleaner labels (you can see how we used them here) delivered right to your inbox by clicking the box below. That way you can safely download them and print when needed. Enjoy!

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Do you have a favorite natural cleaning recipe that you love that I missed? I’m always on the hunt for new ways to keep our home so fresh and so clean clean.

collage of cleaning recipes
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