Creating an DIY Outdoor Mommy Oasis

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Moms often put themselves last in the care hierarchy.  And yet– can you build a home without it’s foundation?  A tiered cake without the first layer?  A bridge without it’s supports?  Moms are the foundation, the supports, the humble bottom layer.  It’s important to take care of ourselves so we in turn can take care of those who depend on us.  But it can be so hard to find time to do that!  With that in mind, I set out to create a spot of my own outside where I can ‘escape’ during naptime or after I put the kids to bed.  A Mom’s Oasis, if you will- filled with flowers, new patio furniture, and a vertical herb garden trellis wall.  Soon, our boring old deck turned into an oasis of comfortable and beautiful outdoor living!

Vertical Herb Garden Trellis Wall

You may remember the vertical herb garden trellis wall we created on our deck last year.  Using a trellis to provide some shady seating, we had a variety of fresh herbs right out our back door and out of the reach of kids.  This year, setting it up has gotten off to a slow start because of our vacation, trip to Haven, and a few other factors.  The trellis wall became the wall of doom (look away!  look away!):


Yup– that’s what happens with a vacation and a week of rain collide.  Yuck.  It was time to fix it up and create a Mom’s Oasis with a little help from Kmart!

First, I browsed the selections of outdoor furnishings online in their beautiful #KmartOutdoor Living catalog.  The website also has a handy tool that tells you if the set is online only or available in stores.  I located the set I wanted and headed to my local Kmart to pick it up.  Since the theme is ‘mommy time’, I went solo to enjoy the experience.  Yes, friends, a solo trip to Kmart is indeed considered a vacation nowadays.  You can see the whole shopping trip here in my Google+ album.


I quickly found the perfect set of patio furniture– black metal frames, beautiful green outdoor cushions:



I found lightweight black urns on sale, grabbed some potting soil, and these cool outdoor solar lights.  The lights solve my problem of not having an outdoor outlet on the deck.



When I got to the register, the set rang up for over $100 less than I thought it would.  It was on sale that day, I could NOT believe my good luck!  While there, I signed up for the Shop My Way Rewards Program.  It took about one minute, and I’ll get rewards each time I shop at Kmart– starting with this purchase.  The friendly sales associate helped me locate the set and even put it in my car.  Best part?  It fit!


Home again, it was time to set it up.  It was a family affair.

family helping to put together furniture

After planting a few flowers, reviving the trellis wall, and adding in some outdoor pillows and accessories that I had on hand, it was ready.  Ah, naptime for the kids.  Mommy’s turn!

Outdoor Furniture and Vertical Garden Wall
Outdoor Furniture and Vertical Garden Wall
Outdoor Furniture and Vertical Garden Wall

The trellis wall is my favorite part.  Here’s a closeup of the herbs and flowers.  They are planted in IKEA pots with IKEA hangers.  You can usually find the pot hangers in the kitchen organization section (in my IKEA, it’s upstairs near where they discuss the kitchen renovations).  They are originally supposed to be used to store and organize kitchen utensils.

vertical herb garden trellis wall

Peaceful.  Pretty.  Perfectly ‘me’.


Hydrangeas clipped from the yard and place in a favorite bowl make mama happy.

hygrangea arrangement

As does sitting in the shade of scented herbs and beautiful flowers.

vertical garden herb garden wall

Can you believe the transformation?

Outdoor Furniture Deck Makeover

On a practical note, the extra seating will be helpful for 4th of July entertaining.  On a not-so-practical note, I’m still stunned that such a great set of deep seating patio furniture was so inexpensive.  Here’s the view from my kitchen.  So lush and inviting, I can’t believe it’s the same deck!

Outdoor Furniture and Deck Makeover

Follow Kmart on Twitter and Facebook for up-to-the-minute deals and hear how others are using their Outdoor Living furniture to make their home a haven.

Mom’s Oasis Mission Accomplished?

Outdoor Furniture and Deck Makeover

Hm.  Just wait ’til naptime!

Here’s wishing all of you some Mommy Time of your own. And if it’s hard to find in your own home, come on over– fresh lemonade is here waiting for ya!

Outdoor Furniture and Deck Makeover
How do you find your ‘Mommy Time?’  Do you have an oasis of your own?  Is outdoor living a big part of your summertime too?  And how about that Kmart set, pretty great, right?

disclosure: I am a member of the Collective Bias™ Social Fabric® Community.  This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias and Kmart. #CBias #SocialFabric

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  1. That is just a stunning space! I’m struggling right now to get one that I can love too. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Looks very nice! I find my “Mommy Time” by waking up earlier than the kids and sipping coffee while reading/sorting paperwork/emails/browsing through lovely blogs like this:-)

  3. Beautiful!!! Looks SO good! You have such good taste! I’ll swing by later for a lavender martini!!!

  4. That is fantastic.You did a great work for your Home Improvement.And it looks awesome.

  5. It looks absolutely beautiful! I love the metal buckets on the trellis.

    We have a back porch which I struggle to decorate every year. This year I sort of gave up due to many things. About the only thing I did was buy some cute BHG pillows for the chairs. I need to go back and pick up 2 more pillows to complete the set. I keep thinking how nice it would be to work out there, though all the kids congregate on the porch for drinks and looking at their Pokemon cards.

  6. Amazing! Having a beautiful place to put your feet up…OUTside will make summer that much nicer. Love the silver planters. Did you buy them with the hooks or did you do that?

  7. OH my heavens I am jealous — did you say what the total final cost was? I think I missed it…if it is reasonable enough — I think I might have to pack up he car and make a little trip this afternoon…

  8. Beautiful! Do my patio next please! 🙂 I love the wall with hanging plants!

  9. You did an amazing job! Great photos and it looks so peacecful!

  10. WOW! That’s AWESOME! you did a great job! can I come over and have some lemonade with you???

  11. Wow this looks great! I love your hanging buckets 🙂 What a great spot for the summer!

  12. This looks great. I love the trellis and that rug is beautiful too.

  13. With an outdoor space like this, do you really even need to go inside? Awesome. You did a wonderful job.

  14. Love the metal buckets. Where did you purchase them. Did the hooks comw with them?

    1. I got them at IKEA. They have metal buckets and also these cool white ceramic ones as well. They sell the hooks and holders at IKEA right next to the buckets. Hope that helps!

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  17. Just curious if you drilled holes in the buckets for drainage and generally what you planted? Looks cute!

    1. The buckets actually already had holes predrilled. I got them at IKEA. I planted oregano, rosemary, basil, thyme, lavender and a few flowers. The herbs and plants that use LESS water tend do better. We recently had a heatwave that wiped out my flowers. 🙁 Next time, I’ll use those water pellets they sell for the non-edible plants, and be more diligent in watering them!

  18. Your setup looks wonderful! I was planning on doing something similar in the backyard of the apartment we rent, and I see the buckets and S-shaped hooks, but what are those loop looking things the buckets are resting in on the hooks? THATS the part I’m having trouble finding!

    1. Hi Madelyn! We got them at IKEA in the kitchen organization section. They’re made specifically for the buckets. It’s like a large ‘O’ with two little circles attached for where the hooks go on either side. Hope that helps!

      1. Thanks Carrie!
        That totally helps, but unfortunately STL is late to the IKEA party, so I’ll have to find them elsewhere. Do they have a specific name? I’ll do some digging on the IKEA website too..

          1. Oh lady tell me about it. 2015 can’t come soon enough! (That’s when we’re getting one here in the city) Anyhoo, thanks so much for your help! I don’t know anyone near an IKEA unfortunately, so I think I might have to improvise somehow. Maybe just some wire all twisted into a loop? Dunno, we’ll see.

  19. I love your mom’s garden oasis!! I am inspired to create one for myself. Your kids are too cute too!

  20. I love the Mommy retreat. We RV full time and are Activities Directors and stay here full time. I was given a black plastic shelving unit that we set up in a single layer right outside and along the side of our RV. I filled gray pots with lovely flowers. We have lots of rabbits here and the height of the shelving won’t let them feast on my flowers. You can see some photos of my garden on Facebook. You can find it on Barbara Downs Clark. I think this idea may work great in a place that is hard to plant in or ?

  21. Hi Carrie, your updated mommy oasis looks awesome!! Love the before and after photos. Question, did you find that the metal pots rust easily, or did they hold out ok? Thanks!

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