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Get Organized for Summer: FREE Summer Organizing Printables Pack! #summer via

These free summer organizing printables are brought to you by Astrobrights Papers and the #Colorize campaign.

Summer is on it’s way (no really, it IS, the calendar says so!) and the lazy days are about to begin. Except, as you know– summer isn’t always lazy, is it? Balancing activities, getting ready for camp, planning vacations, entertaining the kids– all are really fun, but they also take time and energy. My ambition is to try to get as much done prior to summer as possible to make the way for smoother sailing once the kids are out of school. And like your very own personal assistant, I’m TOTALLY going to help you do that today too. You’re welcome. 😉

I’ve created a pack of free summer printables to help you organize, entertain, and dream a little too. Here’s what’s in this pack of printables (click each link to download and print):

  • Pre-Summer Printable Checklist— don’t wait until June to schedule doctor’s appointments or the night before vacation to discover your flights were switched. These common-sense to-dos make sure you’re in perfect order by Memorial Day!

Get Organized for Summer: FREE Summer Organizing Printables Pack! #summer via

  • Summer Journals– print either the buggy kids journal or the sunglasses teen journal on Astrobrights Papers, stack on top of a pile of paper, fold in half,  and staple. Have kids write, draw, glue, tape, and track their adventures this summer. Perfect for recording vacation memories and as a learning journal for road trips, too!

Get Organized for Summer: FREE Summer Organizing Printables Pack! #summer via

  • Summer Bucket List— Brainstorm the things you’d like to do as a family this summer, and check them off as you go. Hang up where you can see it each day as a reminder to savor summer!

Get Organized for Summer: FREE Summer Organizing Printables Pack! #summer via

  • Beach/Pool Bag Packing List— Print this one on heavy paper and laminate– you’ll want to do a quick check before each outing so you never run out of sunscreen or other essentials again.

Get Organized for Summer: FREE Summer Organizing Printables Pack! #summer via

  • And this one is an oldie but goodie– the printable behavior charts to help your kids limit screen time and/or for positive reinforcement. That one was a LIFESAVER for me last summer.

BUT THAT’S NOT ALL. I’ve partnered with Astrobrights to turn these ho-hum printables into something awesome. Astrobrights Papers come in 26 gorgeous shades to turn your projects into something bold and extra-beautiful. It is absolutely POURING outside today, but check out how the Astrobrights Papers shine in this totally un-retouched photo:

Get Organized for Summer: FREE Summer Organizing Printables Pack! #summer via

But how do you get your hot little hands on Astrobrights? You can run over and get them at Office Depot, and/or enter the following giveaway so you can win your own huge box filled with all 26 colors so you can #colorize your life as well as a $50 gift card to Office Depot for additional organizing supplies and goodies. See, I told you I loved you!

Get Organized for Summer: FREE Summer Organizing Printables Pack! #summer via

via @MakingLemonade on Instagram

Simply enter the giveaway using the Rafflecopter below. Ends May 6 at 11:59PM:
a Rafflecopter giveaway

So tell me– what’s at the top of YOUR summer bucket list? Do you try to get organized before summer begins, or are you a ‘go with the flow’ type of person?

Many thanks to Astrobrights for sponsoring the free printables and giveaway!

Get Organized for Summer: FREE Summer Organizing Printables Pack! #summer via

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  1. Thanks for the great printable for the beach bag! I always forget something, so this is a great list! And love your idea for laminating it!

  2. I am looking forward to a more relaxed schedule and going to the beach with family!

  3. Getting a break from work to spend time with my kids. 😀 I’ll be taking 2 classes this summer, but 5 days of the week I’ll be all theirs! Thanks for the giveaway.

  4. Just in time for Mother’s day~ little helpers throughout the summer…Also, these would be great to use during Summer Bible Camps! Thanks for the chance to win these beautiful papers!

  5. I am looking forward to spending the summer with my daughters before they head off to middle school next fall! The time flies by so quickly!

  6. I’m most excited about FINALLY going to the beach after living here in CA for 2+ yrs lol:)

    Thanks for the chance to win!!

    Joey J.

  7. These are so cute! Love these Carrie. My 6 yr old will really love the summer journal ideal!

  8. P.S. I am MOST excited about not having to rush two kids out the door to different schools every day for a while!! YIPPIE!!

  9. Those are super cute! I have a love/hate relationship with summer. I love the lazy days and hot weather, but it gets hectic with kids in and out, always wanting to eat, and trying to keep them off of screens. LOL!!

  10. I am so excited to be meeting my girlfriends in Orlando for a week long girls only vacay!

  11. I am going to find a new job. I work crazy late hours at a hotel and it just isn’t working for me. I need time with my son.

  12. I’m most excited for more laid-back days, beach trips, and hoping to see my favorite PA friend and family!!! 😉

  13. After this past winter, I’m looking forward to heat waves, lazy days, going to the beach and no school for my son!

  14. My husband has Wednesdays off and I am excited about our family time at local museums and parks.

  15. I am looking forward to cooking out and warm weather it has been a crazy cold winter here in mn

  16. Everone needs some organizing of sorts. I get my grandbabies this summer all 5 for the summer months and cant wait so to have list to help is important.

  17. Super excited to make fun memories this summer! (Sorry about the double post!)

  18. Im excited to make this summer memorable For my nieces. Also a plus, I get to start beauty school. ☺

  19. I’m looking forward to having the summer off of work and spending time with my twin 9 year old boys. I have to try and make more of my summers this year.

  20. I am most excited to be able to hang out at the lake and also to be able to fire up the grill and do some BBQing — found some great new recipes.

  21. Swimming and spending more time with my extended family (cousins, etc.); we get such little time the rest of the year even though we only live a town apart.

  22. I am very excited to visit the beach this summer!

    Thanks for the chance to win!
    wildorchid985 at gmail dot com

  23. I love this! I always try to do more things like this with my kids during the summer!

  24. I am so excited to not set my alarm, not drive my kids to school everyday, and to be free to spend our days as we see fit. Cannot wait.

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  26. I keep looking to see if you will have a fall printable calendar to get us ready for school starting. Thanks for all you share!

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