Free Printable Holiday Wish List for Kids

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Free Printable Christmas Wishlist for Kids

I don’t know how it works in your family, but in mine, I like to get most of my Christmas shopping finished before the start of the month. I realize many people like to ‘respect the turkey’ and wait until after Thanksgiving, but for me, that adds to my stress level. By starting before Thanksgiving, I can usually get everything purchased, wrapped, and sent so I can spend this special season with my family instead of the crowded stores and frazzled lines at the post office. Plus, it allows time to get the BEST deals, as opposed to down-to-the-wire budget-busting buying and expedited shipping charges. With that in mind, I’m sharing a free printable Christmas and holiday wish list for kids that you can use to get some ideas of what your little ones are wishing for this season!

It’s important to teach children to focus on more than themselves, so as they write down their wishes I have them write what they wish for others as well. Perhaps have them come up with ideas for cousins or siblings, or even for kids around the world or in their communities. Gift catalogs from non-profits such as Heifer International can help them visualize what this looks like.  I also reiterate this list is not what they’re getting for Christmas, but rather some ideas for Santa to choose one or two special gifts. Trying to avoid entitlement since 2008; I’m working on it. 😉

There’s two versions of the printable wish list, one with a blank space for pre-writers and a holiday wish list with lines for writers. My son likes to draw pictures and label them, so he gets the blank one. My daughter is working on writing and enjoys the lines.


Lined Holiday Wish List:

Free Printable Christmas Wishlist for Kids

Blank Printable Wish List:

Free Printable Christmas Wishlist for Kids

The Making Lemonade 2015 Holiday Gift Guides are coming soon to help you fill everyone’s wishes this season. I hope to have them all published by Thanksgiving so you, too, can snap up all your gifts stress-free and at the best prices!

What’s the top item on your child’s wish list this holiday season? I love to hear about what kids are wishing for each year!

Free Printable Christmas Wishlist for Kids

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