Holiday Traditions: Christmas Pajamas


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Happy Wednesday everyone, it’s been a little crazy around these parts.  My blog crashed yesterday and I lost two posts, so if you originally pinned the Slowcooker Salsa Shredded Chicken recipe you might want to repin it because the old pin won’t work– I had to rewrite the post.  I also lost all your lovely comments on my breakdown post, boo-hoo!  That was such a fun post to share and discuss with you all, so I’m truly sorry I lost the original.  🙁  Also, our 16-year old cat passed away and it’s been sad.  Thanks for your wonderful suggestions on Facebook for books to read to the kids.  They’re having a hard time understanding the concept of Heaven and I’m hoping to help through literature.

Cat food bowls

Any suggestions for a great children’s bible would also be much appreciated, obviously I’ve been lacking in this department– yesterday my 5-year-old asked “Who’s God?.”  She also insists Jesus was always a baby and every time it reminds me of Ricky Bobby and his ‘dear sweet baby Jesus’ prayers where he ALSO insists Jesus was always only a baby, which kinda makes me laugh, but only for a minute I swear.

Then I ate gluten to make myself feel better.  And whew, did THAT backfire!  But I digress.

ANYWHO, back to Christmas pajamas.  Last year, I was determined to buy these adorable Hannah Andersson striped holiday pajamas because they are so CUTE!  And the kids are so HAPPY!  Heck, the entire family is SO HAPPY, including the adults and the DOG!  ALL IN STRIPED PAJAMAS!

Family Christmas pajamas

I added those pjs (for the kids, not for myself or our non-existent dog) three times to my cart, but even on sale they were $70 not including shipping.  Could I really spend $70+ on holiday themed pajamas?


Thankfully  I walked into Gymboree the next day and found adorable snowman pjs with those same stripey legs for less than $15 each on sale, so I snapped them up and the rest is history.  And by ‘history’, I mean the kids loved them so much we didn’t even change them out of them when we went to Grandmas on Christmas Day.  NEW CHRISTMAS TRADITION: the kids get to stay in pajamas all day.  As long as the pajamas are as cute as these were.

Cute kids in their matching PJs

{please note that a few of the following links are affiliate links which won’t add a dime to what you pay, promise!}

This year, I was SO SMART YOU GUYS.  I scoped out the Gymboree pajamas in advance and decided to buy this set when they went on sale because there was both a gingerbread boy AND a gingerbread girl.  Perfect!

Adorable Gymboree pajamas

Of course, by the second week of November the gingerbread pajamas were gone.  No gingerbread girls and only a few boys left.  We looked online and at every location within 25 miles.  No dice.  I even found them on eBay and they were $10 more than the regular retail price at Gymboree. Yippee!  That sucks.

After visiting a few local stores, I finally found two pairs of boy gingerbread pajamas sorta close to the right sizes for my kids.  Grabbed them both.  I figure I can sew a bow onto the boy and make him a girl for my daughter.  Or not.  Whatevs.

Gingerbread pajamas

Gymboree is having a 30% off sale right now, and they do have some holiday pajamas left online (and even more styles in stores). If you like the ‘Holiday Pajamas on Christmas’ idea, you might want to go check it out now… don’t wait like I did!  Because it is November, which apparently means BUY ALL THE CHRISTMAS THINGS RIGHT NOW.

Carters also has adorable sets that are perfect for both boys and girls.  I’m especially in love with the earflapped snowman and striped reindeer pajama sets.  If you buy them on sale stacked with coupons at Kohl’s or at Carters, they’re a steal.  Note: not literally a steal.  Please don’t steal them.  I have enough on my plate without contributing to your life of crime.  😉

Adorable striped snowman pajamas

Cute striped reindeer pajamas

Christmas pajamas– a holiday tradition I love, probably because they remind me of snuggly kiddos all clean and warm from their baths, cuddles by the fire, happy smiles as they open gifts, and green striped pajama pants in the middle of February– hey, who says Christmas pjs are only for December?

Adorable family holiday pajamas

Are you on the holiday pajama train?  What’s your favorite source for cute kids’ Christmas pajamas?

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