Free Printable Pantry Labels to Organize Your Kitchen


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If you’re looking for a beautiful and easy way to organize your pantry, look no further! You can print these free printable pantry labels right from your home printer, and label your kitchen canisters and DIY your pantry organization like a pro.

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free printable pantry labels

Gorgeously organized pantries with color coded snacks and beautifully labeled canisters are all the rage right now. The problem is that not all of us have perfect hand-lettering for the labels, or vinyl cutting systems like Cricuts to DIY this at home, or kids who won’t disrupt the color-coordination of the fancy snacks on display. Never fear, we’re living the real life over here with these free printable pantry labels that you can print from home on clear sticker paper and get your pantry in tip-top shape with very little effort… no color-coordinated snacks sorting skills needed (unless that’s your thing, I won’t judge you boo!)

oatmeal in a kitchen canister

As if that wasn’t amazing enough, we love you SO much that we created two styles for you to chose from– handlettering in a rectangle or black circle. AND we’ve included just about everything you’d find in a typical pantry and probably way more than that too. Gluten free? Don’t worry, I’ve got you with a gluten-free labeling set as well because that’s how I roll.

kitchen canister labels

How to Use the Printable Pantry Labels

  1. Download the labels (there’s two different styles, both will be emailed to you.)

Click HERE to Download the Rectangle and Circle Pantry Labels

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2. Print out the labels onto clear Silhouette sticker printer paper— note that this works in a printer, you DO NOT need a Silhouette machine! Please read the instructions on the package carefully and adjust for your printer. I used a normal printing setting (not draft, not best) but chose the special paper category. Also, be sure to let them dry after they print or the ink may smear. I had great results but there were mixed reviews on Amazon.

free printable pantry labels

3. Carefully cut them out. You will need a straight edge to keep the line straight while cutting and either scissors or an X-Acto knife and cutting mat.

labels with gold scissors

4. Apply to the side of your clean canisters. We love the OXO Good Grips line of pop-top canisters because they’re easy to use, clean, keep food fresh and come in lots of sizes.

OXO kitchen canisters

5. Decant your food into the canisters. I like to print out ratios on my favorite label maker and attach to the side so I know how much water to use for each food. TIP: You can also use dry erase markers to write the expiration date on the back so you know when it’s time to refresh the contents.

quinoa in a canister

Now go ahead and put your pretty canisters in your cabinets and pantry and gaze at how pretty and organized your food is, and most importantly how it’s now so easy to find!

Here’s an easy way to find the products mentioned in the post:

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If you use these, be sure to share on Facebook or Instagram and tag me! I’d love to see how they turn out. Ahhhhh I’m stoked to see all your pretty pantries!

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free printable pantry labels


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