What to Declutter This Spring (Printable Decluttering Checklist)

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Wondering what to declutter this spring to keep your home tidy and clutter-free? Check out this free printable spring decluttering checklist and tackle each area so your home stays fresh, clean, and ready for the spring season!

Looking to declutter your entire home? Start with our popular KonMari decluttering checklist. Then use our seasonal decluttering checklists (such as this winter checklist) to freshen up your home all year long with minimal effort.

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Seasons of the year (and life!) change frequently, which means what you need and don’t need is ever-shifting. That’s why working seasonal decluttering into your quarterly schedule makes sense.

There’s certain areas that are naturally easier to declutter in the spring (such as winter clothing that you didn’t wear or your kids have outgrown), or decor or garden tools you no longer need or want. Our seasonal decluttering checklists will help you conquer those categories and spaces so you can keep up with your clutter and never feel overwhelmed again.

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Why Should You Declutter Each Season?

My proven decluttering approach has been this: do a whole-house, deep decluttering once. That one deep decluttering may take a year, and that’s okay! Working through each category and getting rid of as much as you can, while organizing along the way, will create more time and space than doing constant ‘skin deep’ decluttering all the time. Use this Decluttering Checklist to declutter your home by category.

Then, keep it up as the seasons of the year and life change. Because your needs shift with each season of the year, focusing on just those categories will keep your home tidy and clutter at a minimum.

The same goes for seasons of life. As kids move from toddlerhood to elementary school, there will be a huge shift in what you need to keep. Same with the transition from elementary to middle school, and ongoing until- DEEP SOB– you have an empty nest. Moving is another life transition that warrants a big decluttering.

It’s amazing what you’ll realize you no longer need once you’re faced with packing it into boxes and hauling it out of your home, into a truck, and into another space.

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What To Declutter In Spring

The best categories to tackle in spring are items from winter because they’re already out and fresh in your mind, plus items you’ll use in the upcoming season. In addition, there’s a few items you’ll want to weed out every season since they expire. The main categories to declutter in the spring include:

  • winter clothing and gear
  • boots and shoes
  • lawn and garden tools
  • outdoor furniture and decor
  • cleaning supplies
  • seasonal decorations
  • winter bedding and blankets
  • food and pantry items
  • travel supplies (like suitcases)

Springtime goes hand-in-hand with spring cleaning because it’s the perfect time for a fresh start; a ‘reawakening’ of your home after a winter of hibernation. As you spring clean, you’ll tackle deeper areas than in your typical cleaning routine. This is a great time to focus on decluttering those areas, even if they’re not on the checklist. I’ve included a few blank spaces so you can fill those in and check them off.

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How to Download the Spring Decluttering Checklist

To make it easy to download and print the checklist, simply click the image below, enter your email address, and it will be delivered FREE to your inbox! Be sure to check your SPAM folder if you don’t see it within a few minutes. From your inbox, simply click, download, and print.

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Now that you have your checklist in hand, go ahead and tackle the tasks so that you and your home is fresh and ready to enjoy the beauty of spring!

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