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Since we are gearing up for our first giveaway in a few hours, I wanted to be sure I laid out all the guidelines for our contests. YES, this is a bit boring. NO, you don’t need to read it. But if you plan on entering one of our contests these are the guidelines we follow and they apply to all our giveaways unless otherwise stated.

::stop yawning! I haven’t even typed out the fine print yet!::

1. Entering: Contestants must visit the shop of the giveaway’s sponsor to enter. They may have multiple chances to enter as stated in the contest’s description.

2. Winning: Winners will be chosen by after the stated deadline. We will only ship items for free to US locations. If you win and you don’t live in the US, you can either pay the shipping costs within 24 hours via Paypal or forfeit your chance to win. All winners will need to be “verified”; for example, if the entry that won was a comment stating you blogged about the giveaway, we will need to check your blog to make sure that’s true. Please don’t hold it against us. We just want to keep the contest as fair for everyone as possible. If the winner does not respond within 48 hours then a new winner will be chosen (and so forth, and so on).

3. Ethics: There are many ethical issues involved in blogging, and I don’t want to outline all of them here. I do, however, want to make this process as transparent as possible. I have not received payment for any of my posts. All giveaways are done through the generosity of the featured shop. Most of the time I HAVE NOT RECEIVED A FREEBIE OF THE PRODUCT NOR DO I ENDORSE SAID PRODUCT. That may change in the future but as of right now this is simply a partnership between the shop owner and I to provide the Making Lemonade readers with some fun giveaways and hopefully show off some of the great shops on Etsy.

That’s it. That wasn’t too bad, right? If you have any questions or need clarification, let me know in the comments below. Thanks, and I hope to see you at our giveaway!

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