Top Gifts for Kids (Holiday Gift Guide)

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Holiday gift guide for kids

As usual, I called in my team of elves to help compile this post and bring you the BEST OF THE BEST gift ideas for kids this year– gifts that both boys and girls will use and enjoy. As a former teacher, I’m a huge fan of gifts that encourage creativity and development of skills, and also STEM gifts to encourage the next generation to think outside the (television) box. My elves (ahem, kids) reveled in helping choose the kids’ gift ideas this year so know that these are all toys that they currently want or already have and love.

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Top Gift Ideas for Kids

Snurk Astronaut Duvet Cover, Twin

This duvet first caught my eye in the preview of the movie Wonder (of all places) and was super excited to find it online. They have other motifs too, but the astronaut is my personal favorite. To infinity and beyond!

Mackenzie Navy/Orange Gingham Hard Sided Spinner Luggage

We snagged these in a different pattern on super-duper sale last month (the teen size) and my kids LOVE them! They are the perfect size and easy to maneuver. Anything that gets my kids to beg to carry their own luggage is a WIN in my book!

Faux Fur Sleeping Bags

These animal themed sleeping bags are too cute– and trust me, kids won’t complain about sleeping on the floor when they can snuggle in one of these adorable sleeping bags! Great for family visits, vacations, sleepovers, and pretend play too.

Chess & Checkers Family Game Set

Ditch bright plastic toys and invest in games that will last for generations. This one is gorgeous with it’s classic and timeless style.

Singing Machine Karaoke System with Bluetooth

Karaoke machines can be a blast for the whole family. This bluetooth version is wireless and can display lyrics on your tv or table, bonus!

Ontel Magic Tracks The Amazing Racetrack That Can Bend, Flex and Glow

My sis proclaimed these ‘the best ever’, and she doesn’t say that lightly! Magic Tracks bend side to side and this version even glows in the dark. Can’t wait to surprise the kids with these this year.


VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch DX

My kids got the Kidizoom Smartwatch last year and we’ve found them especially wonderful when traveling or waiting in line or at a sibling’s afterschool activities.

Garmin vivofit JR.

This is *THE* hit of the year for my 7 and 9 year olds. Both begged for the Vivofits and how could we say no to these kid sized activity trackers? The trackers display how many steps they’ve taken plus the time of day AND have a timer too. Those last two features really come in handy and shift responsibility onto them for so many things, including getting places on time and limiting screentime. They also have a feature where you can reward kids with virtual coins for completing chores, and moms and dad get updates to the app on their smartphone. Truly the BEST purchase of the year, they are so proud when they hit their daily step goals (and then some!)


Spirograph Deluxe Design Set

As a former teacher, I’m all about toys that promote hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills such as Spirograph. Plus, they’re so dang fun to use.

VTech KidiBeats Drum Set

I wanted to include something for younger kids since mine are now in elementary school, and the KidiBeats Drum Set fits the bill! It’s a great way to teach motor skills and kids love the sounds they can make with this starter drum set (minus the seriously loud banging of ACTUAL drums.)

Portable & Foldable Trampoline

Portable and foldable, this trampoline is an awesome way for kids to exercise and release energy when they can’t go outdoors. I love how it stows away when not in use.

Snap Circuits Jr. Electronics Discovery Kit

Snap Circuits are a blast and great for kids who love to build and create things.

National Geographic Break Open 10 Geodes

What can I say, I’m a teacher at heart and love the joy of discovery. Watching someone discover geodes for the first time is priceless.

Klutz Lego Make Your Own Movie Kit

For those who love LEGOS and are ready to take them to the next level, this Klutz kit inspires the latest generation of movie makers and creators.


Star Wars Droid Inventor Kit

Another awesome STEM kit, my daughter loves robots and enjoys figuring out ways to make her own. The fact that it’s a Star Wars droid is just icing on the cake.


Humphrey Box Set (3 Books)

Humphrey is a hit with both boys and girls, and great starter chapter book series. Both my kiddos love Humphrey!

Nintendo Switch

I had to include this, as apparently it’s what all the kids want this year. 🙂  The highlight of this system is that it’s portable and flexible, so great for moving it around and using it in a variety of ways. I’m all about flexibility!


Wonder Workshop Dash Robot

Another robot, this one teaches the basics of coding and programing. It was already on my gift guide when I saw our elementary school was using them, so it made me happy to see them in action.

Osmo Starter Kit

Osmo coding is fun and innovative; it works with an iPad and has bunches of add-ons to teach various subjects. My kids learn without knowing it!

Art 101 Kids 179-Piece Double Sided Trifold Easel Art Set

This is not an expensive set, but it contains everything you need to get creative in one portable kit. It has a built-in easel and plethora of materials for the budding artist. Great for taking on vacation and road trips, too.

Marble Genius Marble Run Super Set

My son added this to the list, saying “how about a Marble Run for the gift guide, mom? Kids really love Marble Runs and this one has lots of fun pieces like spinners and ramps.” So there you go. Ben has this and gives it two thumbs up.

150-Piece Wood Castle Building Block Set

I’m a sucker for block sets, this one is timeless and includes fantasy pieces like turrets and towers. Plus it’s pretty enough to sit in the corner of your living room without screaming neon colors and bright plastic. Love that.

Fitted Two-Piece Pajamas

Pajamas that kids will actually love to wear? Yes!

Dress-Up Headband

Unicorns and reindeer, oh my! These dress-up headbands are adorable and I’m kinda wishing I could wear one myself.

Bikestar Kids Kick Scooter

We upgraded my daughter’s scooter to this one and it’s helped her learn to balance like she’s riding a bike. It has handbrakes and fat tires so it’s great for all types of surfaces. Fair warning, it takes awhile to put together so be sure to leave enough time to tinker with it.

Magna-Tiles Glow 32 Piece Set

I’m pretty sure Magnatiles have been in our gift guides every single year, with good reason– they are hands down the favorite gift EVER. I usually recommend getting the 100 Piece Clear Colors set, it’s an investment but worthwhile to have all the pieces. Then you can add on, such as with these glow tiles that really kick it up a notch.

Magna-Tiles 16022 Cars 2 Piece Expansion Set

These are Magnatile Car bases so you can create your own vehicles, super fun!


Last but not least, the AromaSpinner. You can drop essential oils on it and it releases a scent when it spins. My kids love using peppermint oil for focus or orange oil for a playful and happy mood-booster. If you’re a Young Living member, you can get it for 24% off retail (and if you’re not yet a member but want to be, you can become one by purchasing a Premium Starter Kit– see my essential oils page for my BIG bonus gift for signing up with me this month to help make that happen!)

Find the perfect holiday gift for the kiddos in your life with this Gifts for Kids Holiday Gift Guide!

See any ideas you love? Share this post with friends and family! It’s especially handy for when people ask what your kids want this year and you’re at a loss for what to tell them. Any other ideas? Please share them in the comments.

(PS- find all of our 2017 holiday gift guides here for easy shopping & gifting!)

These are the best holiday gifts for kids this year! Plenty of ideas for both boys and girls with plenty of creative and STEM gift ideas too. (Holiday Gift Guide for Kids)

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