Glittered Pinecones {DIY Holiday Decor}

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Nature inspired decor can be found all over my home, and I’m sure many of you agree that organic elements make interiors feel extra warm and inviting.  Mother Nature does things so beautifully, there’s often no need to compete with her.

But sometimes?  Sometimes your pinecones need glitter.  LOTS of glitter.

DIY Glittered Pinecones {holiday decor}

The great part about nature is it’s free.  In fact, thanks to my glitter and glue hoarding the entire project was free.  I’m “lucky” enough to have a yard with an abundance of pine trees, and after Hurricane Sandy my lawn was absolutely littered with them.  If you don’t have that particular problem and need some, I’ve seen the scented ones at JoAnns, Michaels, Walmart, and even the grocery store.

simple DIY glittered pinecones holiday decor (pinecone crafts and ideas)

First things first, though.  As much as I love nature, I don’t want my house crawling with it.  Into the oven at 225 degrees for 15 minutes for these bad boys.  Just be sure to line the pan with foil or you’ll have sap covered cookie sheets.

simple DIY glittered pinecones nature inspired holiday decor (pinecone crafts and ideas)

Once baked, let cool and gently shake them off and clear out any loose debris.  Then, let’s get your glue on!  Elmer’s spray adhesive works well for this project.

simple DIY glittered pinecones nature inspired holiday decor (pinecone crafts and ideas)

A cardboard box makes a perfect spraying area.  Due to the fumes and chance of overspray this really should happen outside.  Placing the pinecone inside the box, I sprayed from all angles and turned it a few times.  For the record, wearing latex gloves will be super helpful right about now.  Those guys get sticky.  {which is also why I don’t have any photos, since that part isn’t so camera friendly}

I used two types of glitter for two different looks.  And oh how I’m in love with the microbead glitter.  But the other stuff wasn’t too shabby either.  You really can’t go wrong, it’s glitter!

simple DIY glittered pinecones nature inspired holiday decor (pinecone crafts and ideas)

Put the pinecone in a plastic ziploc bag filled with glitter.  Shake and Bake, baby.  SHAKE AND BAKE!*

{seriously, shake it a bunch so the glitter gets into all the crevices.}

simple DIY glittered pinecones nature inspired holiday decor (pinecone crafts and ideas)

*10 points to whoever can name that movie

You can do a lot of glitter or a little, your choice.  You can see both types in this post.  Once properly glittered, let them dry on a piece of newspaper, and give it a few final shakes.  There will be lots of glitter around, you have been warned.

simple DIY glittered pinecones nature inspired holiday decor (pinecone crafts and ideas)

So, what do you do with all your glittery pinecones?

Place them in bowls.

simple DIY glittered pinecones nature inspired holiday decor (pinecone crafts and ideas)

Place them next to bowls.

simple DIY glittered pinecones nature inspired holiday decor (pinecone crafts and ideas)

Place them in a cloche (you know how much I love them!)

DIY Glittered Pinecones

Place them on your mantel, in your tree, in wreaths… heck, what can’t you do with your pinecones?

Laundry.  You can’t do laundry with your pinecones.  Speaking of, I’ll signing off for today and will be back with more simple DIY decor as soon as I get the glitter swept off my deck and my laundry tackled.  WHICH MAY BE NEVER.

What’s your favorite natural element to bring indoors?  Are you a glitter lover or hater?  And just what movie is that ‘Shake and Bake’ line from?

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  1. 1. You have to know that I love me some Ricky Bobby.

    2. The kids would love to do the shaking part. Thanks for the great idea AND the directions. I would have skipped the baking and the getting rid of loose debris and been frustrated when things didn’t turn out.

  2. Love how these look. Sandy tore down my pinecone maker so I guess I’m off to Walmart this year. I’m a glitter lover-quick question for you. Where did you purchase the microbead glitte?I’ve never seen it before and I have to have it Oh and the movie is one of my favorites- Talladega Nights.


    1. I bought the microbead glitter at Michaels. If you catch a sale or use a 40% off coupon it super cheap! And I’m sorry Sandy destroyed your pinecone maker… darn hurricane should know better than to do that to a crafter!

      1. Thank you Carrie. I’ll be heading to Michael’s after I get the Sunday paper for my coupon

  3. I love these! I hang them on my Christmas tree, and put them in a centerpiece glass bowl with small silver bulb ornaments as accents.

  4. These are beautiful! I love how the glitter is all over. I made some but painted on glue, so just the tips of the pine cones are glittery, but I love these much better. Will have to make some 🙂

    P.S. Your site looks amazing!

  5. Love these pinecones Carrie! I also meant to tell you how much I love the new look of your blog!!! Gorgeous!!!

    1. Thanks Jessica! It took awhile to make the move to WordPress, but I have to admit I’ve already made myself at home here. 😉

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  7. Did you spray all the pine cones at once? Thinking of using this as a classroom project. How quickly does the glue dry? So very cute!

    1. Hi Krista! I actually sprayed them one at a time because I was worried about the glue drying quickly. How old are your students? They might be able to paint the pinecones with slightly watered down glue if you’d like to do them all at once. So glad you like them!

  8. Love these pinecones and I have a few questions –

    Did you mix both glitters together in the bag ?

    and how much did you end up using of the beads? I just want to do a few so I’m trying to figure how much to buy.

    1. So glad you like the idea! I have to admit I can’t remember. I know I used about one container of the tiny beads. Most likely I mixed both glitters together. Sorry I can’t be of more help, my memory isn’t serving me properly!

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    1. Not sure about that, but perhaps if you sprayed it with a strong clear coating on top after the glitter layer dries?

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