ROCK IT! Make an Agate Jewelry Box

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How to Make an Agate Jewelry Box


Sometimes… just once in a blue moon… when Jupiter aligns with Mars and the sun hits the right way and the tides reverse– a sure sign that something is meant to be pops up and you can’t ignore it.  Case in point: I’d been lusting after the gilded edge agate slice boxes I’d spied online, but couldn’t splurge on the $95 price tag. BOO.

Acrylic Agate Jewelry Box

Then last week I was invited to a blogger preview of the new Container Store located in King of Prussia (!!!)(that definitely needs many exclamation points for an organizing nerd like me)(!!!) and one of the favors was nestled in a sweet little acrylic box.  Half of my dream was coming true. But what about the agate slice?

Ahem. I happened to stumble across that a few days later at the Philadelphia Flower Show, and it was only $6. PLANETS? ALIGNED!

Stunning Blue Agate

So I grabbed my gilding paint, a brush, and a glue gun.

Acrylic jewelry box with agate, dold paint and paintbrush

The gilding paint is easy to work with, as you can see in my gilded mirror tutorial. Just dip the brush into the paint, and gently drag along the edge. If you make a mistake, wipe off and start again. Soon, you have a gilded edge agate! Note that I held it in my hand while painting and placed it on the paper towel for photographing, painting while photographing was impossible. 🙂

Carefully painting a gold edge on the agate

Check out that edge! So easy!

Make a gorgeous gilded agate slice jewelry box for WAY less than retail

I simply hot glued it to the acrylic box.

Hot glue an agate on the acrylic box

Then displayed my jewelry in it.

Agate on an acrylic jewelry box

And took many photos.

Acrylic jewely case with agate and faux plant

And pulled out every accessory in the history of ever.

A number of accessories on display with a ceramic owl

Because I have issues, that’s why.

Agate jewelry box

I’d like keep this box on my dresser with my other jewelry, but I might have to fight Noodle for it. Bee, on the other hand, keeps trying to pry the agate off.

Necklace in an acrylic and agate jewelry box

Several jewelry boxes with jewelry


You don’t need to wait until Jupiter aligns with Mars to make your own. I’ve scouted out several sources for both agates and boxes so you can make this for way less than the $95 price tag too. Just be sure the size of the agate is appropriate for the size of the box (please note, I don’t endorse any of these sellers, they are sources I considered buying from before the tides turned in my favor):

Agate Slices:

Acrylic Boxes:

  • Container Store (couldn’t find the exact box online, I’m working on getting a direct link for ya!)
  • Amazon  


There are many, many things I love and will splurge on over at One Kings Lane; thankfully, this box isn’t one of them. 😉

Gorgeous agate jewelry box

Who’s ready to ROCK IT on the Agate train? (sorry… I had to say it just once…)  Do you love the geology trend going on right now?

How to make an agate jewelry box

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