Home Makeover Journey: Looking Back at Last Year’s Progress

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January is a time of reflection, so we’re looking back at what we accomplished in our house last year (like the screened porch addition, yay!) and checking our list to see if we reached all our home goals for 2018.

modern farmhouse coastal style kitchen

I’m a goal setter. Something about a fresh new year and an action plan lights my soul on fire. I’ve always been an over-planner though, and am learning to pull back a little. Last year’s home goal list was a tiny bit over the top and delved into ‘wishful thinking’ territory; that being said, we got so much accomplished!

Our Goal Words Last Year

When it comes to home goals, I write one over-arching goal that encompasses how I want our home to feel and function. I like to think of 2-3 words that encompass my goals: last year they were efficiency, warmth, and family. So much of what we needed to do was simply functional, like adding furniture and window blinds. But we got some decorating done and a major addition to enjoy as a family, too!

Goals We Crushed in 2018

While we fell flat on many of our goals because life happens, we checked off quite a few from the ol’ to-do list. Here’s the goals we tackled and (mostly) finished last year:

SCREENED PORCH ADDITION: Our biggest home goal was our three season screened porch addition, and while I haven’t shared the full reveal on the blog yet the construction is done and we’re just waiting for warmer weather for the finishing touches. You can read about our three-season screened porch design plan and process here to see the ‘before’ and ‘during’ pics.

porch addition before and after

three-season screened porch addition

PAJAMA LOUNGE: Adding furniture was the first step in decorating our pajama lounge. And by ‘Pajama Lounge’ I mean the small room off of our master bedroom. We added most of the furniture but now need blinds, a coffee table, paint on the walls, and some art… so it’s still a work in progress.

sitting area makeover

cat on couch in living room

DINING ROOM: Curtains, a mobile light fixture and a new bar cart warmed the dining room right up. There’s still some MAJOR things on the to-list, but it’s been such a nice upgrade to the space!


dining room window and wine rack


dining room table with gold mobile chandelier

dining room update with gold bar cart


EATING AREA: The kitchen nook, aside from some wall paint, is finally almost complete. We need a new set of chairs that match (two of these are borrowed from the dining room) but other than that, the recent installation of that beaded light fixture and the diamond rug are the crown jewels in this space!


wicker chair in kitchen


LIVING ROOM: As for our living room, the addition of blinds, those big huge birds, a fiddle leaf fig and two side chairs (plus a few throw pillows) made the room feel so much more cozy and chic. There’s a few things still on the list but it’s more functional now for sure.


living room with couch and lamp


modern farmhouse living room

modern farmhouse living room

ENTRYWAY: While this isn’t 100% done yet, we did order plantation shutters for these sidelight windows so we can get rid of the ‘temporary’ paper blinds solution. We should be getting them installed this month.

modern morrocan trellis entryway rug

PLAYROOM: Playroom organization was at the top of my list last year, and I can say our playroom is now organized. This upcoming year is when I’d like to finish the job… keep reading for what’s in store. 😉

playroom and toy storage bins

playroom craft supply storage cabinet

GARAGE: Our garage is never 100% mess-free thanks to being an active family in a house without a basement or attic. That being said, we made a BIG HUGE step towards our goal of organizing it completely with the addition of a garage organization system for our off-season storage that is knocking our socks off. I also got a rolling toolchest that solved my hardware and tool storage issues and we got a bike rack that is a quick-store solution for kids bikes and scooters. Now all I need to do is figure out a system for breaking down cardboard boxes and streamlining our donation/sell pile, and then I can share the whole she-bang!

garage storage/ organized garage

Looking back, I feel like we accomplished a lot but there’s a lot of goals we DID NOT crush in 2018. What’s the opposite of goal crushing? Goal… failing? We failed many goals, then. MANY.

But it’s a new year, and I have new words, a new plan and new goals (some of which are actually those we failed in 2018.) That’s coming up mid-week, stay tuned!

What home goals did you accomplish this year, big or small?

modern farmhouse living room

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