Homemade Mother’s Day Gift: Lavender Bath Salts

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This could possibly be the easiest homemade gift idea ever, with the exception of gluing pom poms to a piece of paper and saying “Happy Mother’s Day”!  Trust me, lavender bath salts will be much better received than the pom pom thing.

Homemade lavender bath salts

Why make bath salts for a hard working mama?  It’s excellent for chronic pain, workout aches, tired muscles, and creating soft skin.  Plus the lavender scent helps induce sleep.  Since I suffer from chronic pain, I take a hot bath with two scoops of this every night and it’s done wonders to help control my pain and help me sleep.  But there’s lots of different scents to choose from for various ailments– in fact, my next combo is going to be eucalyptus/mint for relaxation.  Ahhhhh….

Before we begin, keep in mind I made a huge batch in a massive jar.  It’s perfect for me.  But you can make enough for a small jar, and it’ll be as cute as they come.

The hardest part of this tutorial is rounding up the supplies.  Which really isn’t difficult, but since it’s a cinch to make that’s really the hardest part.  Here’s the materials and source list:

  • Essential oils (I used lavender): I recommend Young Living Lavender Essential Oil. Have you experienced these amazing oils? Hop on over and Pin this page to learn all about how they can be a game changer for your health (and sanity!).
Young Living Lavender Essential Oil
  • Epson salt: any pharmacy or online too (I like to order it online in bulk)
Epsom Salt
  • Glass Jar: small jars at The Dollar Store or medium to larger ones at Walmart
 Glass jar
  • Scoops: Walmart or a kitchen store
Scoop set

In addition to those things, you’ll need a metal or glass bowl and spoon (not plastic or wood, since they’ll soak up the oil).

Go get them, I’ll just wait here for you.

Ready?  Okay.  Take notes, this is a toughie.

1.  Pour the salt in the bowl.

Pour salt into the bowl

2.  Add in lots of essential oil (you can start with a little, and continue to add until you achieve the right scent level for you).

3.  Stir.


4.  Pour into the glass jar and add the scoop. {note that you can actually do steps 1-3 right in the jar if you are using a big one like mine.  but that would be TOO easy, right?}

Epsom salt in jar

5.  Make it fancy with a spring of lavender, a tag, some twine, ribbon, etc. tied on top– or whatever you know your mom will love.

Epsom salt in scoop

See?  Isn’t that easy?  It’s like giving permission to your favorite mom to take a nice, hot relaxing bath.  Maybe throw in a bottle of wine or a book stand for the tub and someone will think you are the best daughter ever.

Bath salts in the bathroom

Except for my mom.  She doesn’t take baths so I’m getting her something else I know she’ll love.  No hints from me, mama!

Bath salts on display

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