Our HGTV Story, Part 3: The Waiting Game


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Let’s review this little HGTV series so far.

In part one, we applied and found out we’d gotten the show (plus a few tips on how you can do that, too.)

In part two, we discovered which room they’d be renovating.  We met the hosts and they’d taken measurements, noted our style, and told us we were in good hands.

And then, we waited.  There was about one month between when we knew we’d gotten the show and when they’d start filming.  So what do you do when you know a film crew will be taping inside and outside your house?


In that short month, we– okay, mostly my husband because I was so pregnant– completed as many tasks on our mile long to-do list as possible.  Including hanging new shutters in 20 mile an hour winds.  I still owe him for that one.

As I ran around feathering my nest like never before, deliveries started arriving.

First up, a portable storage unit full of power tools!  {okay, would anyone else be excited about that or is it just me?}

Next, a dumpster.  Not very exciting.  No photos of it.  Don’t be mad at me.

Then boxes from Target, fabric, lumber, and miscellaneous other ‘clues’ as to what they had in store for this sad, sorry sunroom.


Here’s what the poor sunroom looked like when we first moved in: mauve, mauve, and more mauve.  Plus paneling.  Lovely.

A pink hot tub, indoors?  Uh huh!  And  leaky one at that.  It took my husband weeks to disassemble it, piece by stinking piece.

Afterward, we were left with this lovely sight:

In short order we replaced the moldy drywall, carpeted the entire floor and painted the paneling sailcloth white.  In our novice design mind, white would bring in more light to our adjoining living room, which has no windows.  My solution to the area left by the destruction of the hot tub?  Cover the drywall with white fabric, of course!  Ugh.

Almost forgot to mention the skylights.  They were leaking.  As in, we had buckets all over the room leaking.  Those needed to be professionally fixed, which we rushed to complete before filming began {just WAIT until you see what HGTV did to them as a finishing touch…}

Add in all our miscellaneous furniture, a few decor items, and a sectional we purchased for the space and you have the most. random. room. EVER.

Here’s the rest of the “befores,” to help frame the “afters” that will soon come:





Those ‘beautiful’ sliding glass doors to the living room.

This room was about to change, in a big way.  Because filming was about to start, and we were about to see the inner workings of a reality style television production firsthand.  Plus have a room remodeled.  Dare I admit I was still sorta terrified?!

Would we like the hosts, James and Michelle?  Would they stick feathers on our walls?  Who really does all the work, and did it all get done in 4 days?  Plus… what DID they build over our skylights?! Buckle up, friends!  It’s about to get GOOD.
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  1. Carrie, I can’t wait to see the after. Your before the before looks like a room we have on our house. We have skylights, but no leaks, thank goodness. What was it with these rooms 20 years ago? Did the builders really think this kind of boardwall was sexy? We’ve made the best of our lodge look, until we can make much bigger changes. Even a professional decorator can’t always have what she wants when she wants it.

  2. ok why pretty up a room before its makeover? just had to ask, gosh its getting exciting i cant wait! you know how to keep a girl in suspense!

  3. ok I read part 1, 2 and 3 of your HGTV story, I am on pins and needles now but I don’t see part 4? am I missing it? I put it in your search bar and scrolled through your whole summer …. I gotta know the end please! xo Debi

    1. Oh my gosh, your comment is a hoot and I’m ashamed to admit I’m a terrible blogger– I never did finish writing that HGTV series! The summer go so busy I was trying to stay on top of other posts and I kept forgetting to finish writing the story. It’s a fun one, I can’t wait to share the rest of the details. It’s my goal to work on finishing up the story soon, so stay tuned and I promise I’ll have it published by January. You’re a great motivator!

  4. Well now I’m looking in April, REALLY wanting to know how this turned out for you and I still see NOTHING!! PLEASE finish for us “un-tv-stars” so we can vicariously live through your experience! 😉

    1. Tick Tock, Tick Tock… I’m working on it right now, I so hope I get it done in time! And when I do, I’ll have you to thank for it!!

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