How to Set up a Home Learning Space for Kids

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Set up your kids’ learning spaces at home like a teacher with these great kids’ workspace ideas! Whether you’re homeschooling, virtual and distance learning, or want to create a great homework spot these kid-friendly workspaces are easy to set up and perfect for all types of learners.

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The former teacher in me really came out once they announced in 2020 that school would be virtual for the near future. Note that I didn’t say I didn’t freak out– as a work from home mama, it wasn’t easy. However, I always did love setting up a classroom space that nurtures focus, curiousity and learning so it was fun for me to put these spaces together for my own kiddos!

Using mostly items we already had on hand, I set up spaces for each of my kids (who have drastically different learning styles, plus one is in elementary and the other in middle school so we have two different types of schedules as well.)

Here’s what I recommend to have in an ideal home learning space:

  • quiet space to focus that can be closed with a door if possible
  • place to store school supplies
  • flat space (desk or table) for a computer
  • a comfortable chair
  • hook for storing headphones
  • hook for hanging schedules (these are great for important papers)
  • a good light source
  • blue light blocking glasses
  • comfortable spot for reading a book
  • access to an outlet
  • bulletin board or whiteboard (optional, but requested by my kids)

One way to corral all your supplies is on a rolling cart like the one below that we use for our ‘Art Cart’.

rolling storage cart

Since we’re going to be learning at home for the long haul (at least through December, most likely all year long), we needed a more permanent solution for home learning. We let each child choose the space where they could best focus, so one chose her bedroom and the other the playroom.

Bedroom Virtual Learning Space

My daughter already had a desk in her room, so we cleaned it out and simplified what was on it so it didn’t get too cluttered. We added a nightstand on the other side of her bed to handle items like her lip balm and other ‘nightstand’ items, leaving the desk clear for learning.

computer on desk for home learning

Command hooks hold headphones and schedules placed in dry erase plastic sleeves.

kids headphones on hook

She loves having a large calendar on the wall (similar) to remember important events and appointments. This is a similar version of the exact wall calendar she uses, it matches the color of her paint! We added in a few extra decor touches, keeping it simple so it wasn’t too ‘busy’ and distracting.

kids desk for home learning

Since her desk is on the smaller side, we opted to keep her school supplies in a pouch. This way, she can easily move to another space if she needs a change of scenery, or if school *magically* goes back in person (eventually) she can put in her binder. It also makes for easy cleanup at the end of the day.

school supplies in pouch

The bulletin board will be a good spot for hanging important papers and achievements.

bulletin board

Magazine holders each hold supplies for different subject areas.

kids learning supplies on table

We placed a beanbag from the playroom in here for independent reading time. You can also make a cozy spot with a backrest style pillow and a blanket, which she also uses! Target has these adorable beanbag chairs (similar) for a reasonable price as well.

cozy reading area for kids

Playroom Virtual Learning Space

My son wanted to work in the playroom, and since we added sliding barn doors it became easy to close off the space to eliminate distractions. Plus, he needs more space to bounce around so the playroom was perfect.

modern barn doors

We added a desk lamp to the table so he wasn’t backlit by the window during class meetings. A Command Hook holds his headphones, and another one holds his schedule in plastic pockets.

headphones on hook
kids homeschooling room

He’d requested a white board, so we got this huge dry erase board at Target and now he has a space to jot down notes, important reminders, and doodles. Underneath, the chairs offer a way for me to join him if he needs help or store the supplies provided by the school.

white board in homeschool room

I chose a few favorite novels for 5th graders and added them to the space so he had something for independent reading time.

novels with bookends

Stacked trays hold paper and subject notebooks as well, making it easy to grab whatever is needed.

computer on table for home learning

The globe was a gift from Grandma (here’s a similar version) and the map a recent score from the craft store– here’s a similar one here and also this version here.

kids desk and chair and computer

We plan to move the hanging chair from our porch to this room as a reading spot. For now, a cozy beanbag does the trick.

My son wasn’t super excited for virtual learning this year, so the fact he loves his new workspace is a HUGE win in my book!

shop the post handlettered

Bottom Line: you don’t have to spend a lot to create a great homework area for kids. Try to make sure it is a place they can comfortably focus, have essential supplies within reach, and feel safe and secure and you’re ready to go!

I’d love to hear what creative ideas you’ve used to set up learning spaces for your kids, whether they’re virtual or homework-ready!

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