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Looking for a simple and free student planner? This free printable weekly kids planner can be customized, whether it’s to write down a weekly schedule, homework, or classroom assignments. It’s perfect for planning virtual, homeschool, or in-person learning!

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When life threw everyone a curveball last spring and schools shut down, we were flustered but I felt an incredible need to organize as much as I could (especially with everything else totally outside of my control.) My daughter is the same way, she loves a good checklist and thrives on following schedules. While the teachers were trying as hard as they could, we knew we needed a way to keep track of what was due, and when.

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That’s when I created this printable student weekly planner to organize assignments. It can also be used to write down that week’s schedule, homework, and even habit tracking. It really came in handy to organize everything during a stressful time!

free printable weekly planner

It’s great for all ages– for younger kids, you can draw icons to represent what you’re doing when. Older kids can fill it in themselves. Heck, it’s versatile enough that awesome adults like you can use it to plan meals, write down virtual learning schedules, or plan your homeschooling lessons!

(I even added a chore block to my kids’ schedule… they’re pitching in around the house and writing down one big chore a day was helpful for all of us.)

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How to Download the Free Printable Student Planner

Simply click Here For Your Free Printable and look for the confirmation email in your inbox (if it’s not there, check SPAM and Junkmail.) Click the confirmation link in the email and it will take you right to the printable. From there, you can download it to your computer and once it’s downloaded, print it from your computer. Click here to subscribe

How to Use the Free Printable Student Planner

  1. Download it to your computer and print (see instructions above.)
  2. Fill out the far left column with time blocks or subject areas, depending on how you’re using the planner. Writing in time blocks creates a ‘block schedule’ that shows what is happening at that time each day, and writing subject areas allows for writing down the assignments or lessons for that subject each day.
  3. I recommend clipping to a clipboard or protecting with a clear plastic dry erase pocket. You can then hang it on the wall using Command Strip Hooks. Another idea is to three hole punch it or place in a page protector and add it to a binder.

I hope this helps you and your family adapt to the ever changing school situation! Whether you homeschool, virtual school or go in person my goal is to make it as easy and stress free as possible with simple ideas to add systems and routines into your home life.

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How will you use your free printable weekly student planner?

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