Kids’ Craft Idea: “Save, Give, Spend” Piggy Banks


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This project has been in my brain for-eva but I didn’t jump on it until these piggy banks (just a dolla– holla!) grabbed my eye at the Dollar Store.  So cute, so pink, so cheap!  The Three Little Pig…gie Banks.

I immediately thought of the “Save, Give, Spend” jars I’ve always wanted to make for my kids.  Starting from their first allowance, I want them to divvy it up into those three categories to learn basic principals of money.  It’s important to save, but also to give (to charity) and to spend on something they enjoy.  Aren’t these piggies perfect for that purpose?

Using my Sharpie Paint Pen {love} I wrote each phrase next to the coin hole.

Then Noodle helped me pick out ribbon for the bows.  We have two girls and a boy with a bowtie.  A dab of Hot Glue attached them nicely.

I attached velcro dots to the side to keep them together, and they easily detach to carry one to the bank or store.

When I took this shot I kept picturing a music video with the pigs rolling on a mattress of money.  I guess I was getting a little high on the paint pen fumes.

Noodle LOVES them.  She keeps asking for “coins”, and I’m fine with that to practice her fine motor skills.  And her money skills.  Two lessons in one.  She could do this for hours.

There you have it, a super-duper easy craft for kids that cost under $3.  Unless you count the coins, which might set you back $14.56 or so.  But let’s say $3.  😉

Happy Crafting!
{I linked this to The CSI Project’s $5 Challenge!}
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