Easy Kids Craft Frame {From Old Board Games!}

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One of my favorite posts from last year was how to decorate a $1 wooden frame five different ways.  Since these frames are so cheap, we usually pick up a few each time we visit the craft store.  They’re fun to decorate, make great gifts and party favors, and most importantly– have a place in the home!  You can lean them on a bookshelf or use a Command strip to turn it into a wall frame.  After finding a few old board games for $1 at the thrift store (during the same trip I found my huge gold frame, you should have seen that juggling act!), I knew they’d make a great kids’ craft so within an hour they transformed from old and dusty board games to pink and GLAM picture frames!

Kids Wooden Craft Frames from Old Board Games

It was super easy.  Simply scout out old board games at thrift stores, yard sales, or your basement.  If you follow me on Instagram, you might have seen this common thrift store find (and wondered why there are TWO versions of clue.  Note to self: always stick with the classic one):

Kids Wooden Craft Frames from Old Board Games

I also used these bingo game pieces that were on clearance at Michaels, and a few plastic counting chips from my teaching days.

Kids Wooden Craft Frames from Old Board Games

Then, I let my little darling go to town with some tacky glue, arranging the pieces any way she wished.

Kids Wooden Craft Frames from Old Board Games

If you keep the frame au natural, then the glue dries clear and you won’t see it.  If you decide to cover the entire frame in a certain daughter’s FAVORITE COLOR of spray paint, then the glue shows up as bumps.  Such is life, though.  A bit bumpy.  Sometimes tackyRandom and fun for sure.

Kids Wooden Craft Frames from Old Board Games

Of course, it doesn’t have to be painted pink, that’s just the artist’s favorite color right now.  This is a fantastic craft for boys as well, simply cover it in their favorite color using spray paint.  Hey, can you spy the mansion?

Kids Wooden Craft Frames from Old Board Games

Can you spot the car from the game of LIFE?  Brings back such memories!

Kids Wooden Craft Frames from Old Board Games

It was Mrs. Peacock, in the Library, with a candlestick.

Kids Wooden Craft Frames from Old Board Games

Let’s ignore the knife game piece, shall we?  {Clue DOES has the most fun pieces for this craft idea, albeit a little sketchy.}

Kids Wooden Craft Frames from Old Board Games

It feels good to give new life to board games with missing pieces that were destined for the trash bin.  We could have made these all day. There wasn’t space to put these white stickers on the frame, but wow, wouldn’t it look amazing to spell out a name with them?

Kids Wooden Craft Frames from Old Board Games

Kids Wooden Craft Frames from Old Board Games

For more wooden frame ideas, be sure to check out Wooden Kids Craft Frames, 5 Ways.  From Dollar Store butterflies to stripey straws to chipboard letters, there’s a style for every child.  And possibly each adult.

Kids Wooden Craft Frames from Old Board Games

Do you have any old board games hanging around?  They’d make a great kids craft frame, don’t you think?  Just another easy craft idea for those cheap wooden frames that tease me each time I pass them by at the store– “Decorate me” they whisper.  I’m happy to oblige.  This would be a fantastic craft for camp, vacation bible school, or even as a party activity (minus the spray paint, probably, unless an adult did that part).  So the next time you see old board games, reuse them– in the game of life (and kids crafts), you’ll be a WINNER!  😉

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  1. Such a cute idea!! And, those frames look a tad familiar! 😉 They are beautiful additions to the kiddos’ rooms!!

  2. I love it! I never thought of grabbing games at thrift shops and using the game pieces. You’re giving me some ideas for keys I picked up at a flea market a few weeks ago.

  3. I love the idea, thinking about making something similar for my son’s back to school pic!

  4. Love! I tend to toss games with mostly lost pieces (which is every single game we ever own after one week). I will just set the pieces aside –LOVE!!

  5. Cute stuff! I love the simplicity of it and the memories that go along with making them.

  6. I love the hot pink frame. Too bad (or on second thought, maybe not so bad!) my kids still play all our old board games!

  7. Now you know I am not a crafter, but I am totally doing this at next year’s birthday party.

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