Kitchen Floors: Clean Enough To Eat Off?

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Here she is… poised to eat a morsel off the floor.  Typically she has a mischievous grin, but I must have caught her by surprise with the camera!

Help. I need help. My 17 month old is constantly eating things off the floor. Her doctors have assured me it’s totally normal, just a curious toddler that thinks it’s hilarious to drop her food on the floor, pick it up, and eat it.  Along with the pine needle in the corner, and something green from yesterday. And old cheese. That’s her favorite thing.

No matter what I do, the floors aren’t clean enough. She’s scared of the vacuum, so I can only vacuum when she takes a bath upstairs and can’t hear it. Then I use the Swiffer Wet Jet, but I feel weird about those chemicals that she will practically lick up the next day.

Any ideas? I’m pretty sure I need a steam mop like the Bissel or Eureka.  The idea of them is great– clean and sanitzied floors without the chemicals!  The problem is that you still need to vacuum first.  Which makes me think about getting a Roomba, but they are pricey. How do you keep your floors clean? Any tricks or great products to share? Do you have a steam mop you love? Is the Roomba worth the money? We literally need floors that are clean enough to eat off, so I want to hear your tricks of the trade.  Thanks for any and all ideas you have to share!

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