Paparazzi: Baby Bee’s Photo Shoot

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I’m well aware that time with your little ones moves way too quickly {except when they throw a temper tantrum in the middle of a public place, then it moves far too slowly!}  Especially with baby #2, you blink and it’s gone.  All those precious moments you had with your first child seem to get rushed with the second.  With that in mind, I decided to capture images on Baby Bee’s monthly “birthdays”.  That way, when he’s walking around and sassing like his sister I can reflect on just how teeny he once was.

I tried to keep at least one thing consistent: the tan chair in his room in at least one of the shots.  Today, he’s propped on it.  Tomorrow he’ll be sitting on it.  In a blink he’ll be jumping from it.  I can’t think that far ahead!

Month one, still so bitty:

Big chair, little boy at two months:

And here are his month three photos.  I had to share them, because they were so easy to take and it was a wonderful bonding time.  Granted, at 3 months they can’t move away so I know these sessions will be difficult once he starts crawling.  At that point, I look forward to lots of photos of a bum scooting in the opposite direction!

Had to capture this on film: I also always have my toes curled!  Guess Bee takes after me…
“How you doin’?”
I also take a “head shot” each time, since {hopefully} this fuzzy hair will grow one day!  But not too soon.  It’s so kissable.
Another flirty shot.  Should I be worried that he’s going to be a ladies’ man?
Wish this blog had sound effects.  The sound of finger sucking was the soundtrack to this session!

Of course, the FAIL photos are just as great.  Here he is toppled over because of his abnormally large head:

I was patting myself on the back over such a fantastic photo session when I decided to try to get Noodle and Bee together, since they were both wearing orange.  Bee did great.  Noodle was not amused.  Or willing to participate.

“Hugging” Bee.  Perhaps a full body tackle.
This was the best shot that I was able to get of the two of them, Noodle’s wild hair not withstanding.

Time is just flying by. 

Yeah, Bee, that’s how I feel about it too.

Do you have any photographic traditions?  Any special ways you capture these fleeting days, or special photos you take on a regular basis?  I’d love to hear about them!
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