Mommy {Mis} Adventures: Sesame Place Edition

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If I had known 2 months ago when I scheduled a trip to Sesame Place this week for Noodle, with my college best friend and her 2-year old daughter, that:

*  the temperature would hit almost 100 degrees that day

*  we’d be over an hour late arriving at the park

*  we’d only go on 3 rides (and visit 2 water play areas)

*  lunch would cost $20, and that was just a turkey sandwich, water, and watermelon slice

*  before even getting on our first ride Noodle would be so overwhelmed she would just lay down on the pavement while we waited

* Noodle would puke all over herself, myself, her little friend, and the seat on the Big Bird Balloon Race

* it would take over an hour and a half to buy and eat lunch

* Noodle would be so tired waiting in line at the Lazy River ride she’d cry until she almost puked {again}, so I had to beg a family waiting in the line next to us to let us skip before she threw up

*  we wouldn’t even see Elmo

*  a cup, t-shirt, and frame would cost $40

*  I would be so busy I’d only take five passable photos the entire day (all of which are displayed here)

*  I would have to get in a bathing suit, just a few months post-partum…

… I would do it all over again, just to see the smile on her face on her very first Merry-Go-Round ride:
… and see her little BFF checking to see if she was okay when she was on the ground:

… and to hear her BFF deal with the puke by saying, “mommy, I think I need new shoes” and totally handling it like a champ

… and to be “normal”, just for one day, without doctors and feeding protocols and physical therapy appointments and worrying about her health.

It was, without a doubt, 100% worth it.
{even if I did have to rock the Land’s End Tummy Taming Tankini bathing suit with a farmer’s tan.  Yikes.}
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  1. Aww, sounds like a rough & LONG day. I’m glad you found some good times to look back on! She’s such a cutie & her BFF checking on her is so adorable!!

    LOOOVE the new design – looks awesome!

    1. I’m glad it worked out. please next time go to Guess relations and get the pass where you don’t have to wait in line for your baby when the kids have disabilities or illness or something like that they get a pass for 8 rides I believe were you skipped and don’t have to wait. I have an autistic child and sesame place recognizes that that’s why we have season passes now.

  2. Aww, I’m glad you had a “good” time. I love the picture of noddle on the ground. Poor thing!

  3. You are a hero, Mom! We went two days ago with daughter in law and twin grands. The highlights of the day were the giant tube slide and the Parade. The day was cloudy and cool and not too crowded. Perfect! There’s not much shade there so kudos to you for making it through! Your kids are lucky!

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