Mommy {Mis} Adventures: Sesame Place Edition

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If I had known 2 months ago when I scheduled a trip to Sesame Place this week for Noodle, with my college best friend and her 2-year old daughter, that:

*  the temperature would hit almost 100 degrees that day

*  we’d be over an hour late arriving at the park

*  we’d only go on 3 rides (and visit 2 water play areas)

*  lunch would cost $20, and that was just a turkey sandwich, water, and watermelon slice

*  before even getting on our first ride Noodle would be so overwhelmed she would just lay down on the pavement while we waited

* Noodle would puke all over herself, myself, her little friend, and the seat on the Big Bird Balloon Race

* it would take over an hour and a half to buy and eat lunch

* Noodle would be so tired waiting in line at the Lazy River ride she’d cry until she almost puked {again}, so I had to beg a family waiting in the line next to us to let us skip before she threw up

*  we wouldn’t even see Elmo

*  a cup, t-shirt, and frame would cost $40

*  I would be so busy I’d only take five passable photos the entire day (all of which are displayed here)

*  I would have to get in a bathing suit, just a few months post-partum…

… I would do it all over again, just to see the smile on her face on her very first Merry-Go-Round ride:
… and see her little BFF checking to see if she was okay when she was on the ground:

… and to hear her BFF deal with the puke by saying, “mommy, I think I need new shoes” and totally handling it like a champ

… and to be “normal”, just for one day, without doctors and feeding protocols and physical therapy appointments and worrying about her health.

It was, without a doubt, 100% worth it.
{even if I did have to rock the Land’s End Tummy Taming Tankini bathing suit with a farmer’s tan.  Yikes.}
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