8 Easy Summer Hairstyles {& a Giveaway!}

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My PSMM bud Stephanie from Lattes and Legos is starting off week #2 of our Kickoff to Summer series with some easy summer hairstyles to keep your locks under control and looking gorgeous this season!  I’m in a bad hair phase myself so I’m taking especially good notes today– Steph’s summer hair ideas are perfect for keeping hair looking styled and pretty while on the run or in the surf and sand.  But that’s not all– there’s a GIVEAWAY attached too.  AND Stephanie’s hiding her alter ego… be sure to read to the end where I’ll spill her secret.  😉

Hi I am Steph and I am so excited to be guest posting on Carrie’s lovely blog today!

Shall we start with a formal introduction? Everyone say “Hiiiiii Steph”.

“Hi Making Lemonaders!!!” Here is a little about me!

* I blog at Latte and Legos * I am a wife and a mama to 2 boys * I chat about style /travel/easy DIY – Using mostly just a hot glue gun/funny life happenings that may make you laugh a little out loud. Entertainment guaranteed or your next visit is free.

Stop by, let’s share a virtual glass of wine or a latte. It’ll be fun!

But first, let’s talk hair.

How many of you wish you could wake up everyday and have a hairstylist on hand ready to do your hair in the most fabulous way?? Anyone, Yup I see you all, hands up high. Yeah, me too. But for those days when we have places to go, or people to see, we want an easy way to style our hair, staying classy and cute, and being quick to boot. Right!?

I am a huge fan of the plain ol’ bobby pin.

I’d like to think of bobby pins being girl’s best friend in the hair world, with the hair tie being a close second. Bobby pins can assist in pinning back your side-swept bangs to perfectly holding your updo for those special events.

Bobby pins are one of the most basic hair tools out there. But did you know there is a right way to use a bobby pin? I’ve relied on them to anchor all kinds of fancy pants hairstyles and even as a way to add some pizazz to day old loose curls curls. Up until I was discussing this post with a hairdresser friend, did I learn that I had been doing it all wrong!

Here’s the thing guys: The grooved side of the bobby pin has to face down, against your scalp. The ribbing on the pins is designed to grip hair and hold it in place, and you’ll capture more hair with the pin in that position. This little trick also prevents hair from slipping and reduces the need to fix your pins throughout the day. (These pictures were taken before I had the chat!) AND after I tried the right way, I attest it is totally true. Try it! It will knock your socks off!

I love being creative with these magical little pins! (before I lose them and the husband finds them in random places!) Here are some ideas I like to do when styling my hair with using only bobby pins. Cause sometimes our hair needs a break from hair tie trauma. Since I have long hair my photos are much more suitable for medium or long hair. Scroll on down for ideas for short hair – I threw a few photos I loved of styles for shorter hair!

8 Quick and Easy Summer Hairstyles with Bobby Pins

Quick Tips:

  • Use colored pins. Don’t have any, use nail polish as a fun way to add some color!
  • Use style fun pins like the ones I used below from Bijoux By Allison on Etsy.
  • Use tape in zig zag lines to create a chevron effect, then paint.
  • Spray hairspray on your pins right before putting them on the add a little extra hold!
Tips on Hairstyles using bobby pins
The Simple Half up/Half Down

Cute Summer Hairstyles

This requires a hair tie. But only as a guest appearance. Pull hair into a half up pony using a hair tie. Pull the pony loose a bit and separate hair, making a hole, at the crown above the hair tie into 2 sections. Put pony through the hole. Secure pony under the hair tie with colored bobby pins, criss crossing from both sides. Pull hair tie out. Creates an “effortless” looking interesting half up hairstyle!
Side Fishtail Bun

Cute Summer Hairstyles

Braid hair into side fishtail braid. Take braid and wrap into bun. Secure using pins. Add a little extra prettiness with the Golden Leaf Pin from Bijoux by Allison.
Front Fishtail Braid

Cute Summer Hairstyles

Braid hair into fishtail braid starting from side crown and working back inserting new pieces as you go until you get close to your opposite side ear. Secure with pins.
Fun with Bobby Pins
Cute Summer Hairstyles
Part hair where you normally would. Secure hair with multiple (3-5) pins. This showcases the cool pin art you may have created and pulls those pesky over grown bang off your face. Great style for quick, after beach, salty water hair!
Criss Cross Half up/Half down
Cute Summer Hairstyles
Take air only from front section (not close to ears) and pull back teasing a bit at the top, then secure with pins, with pins inserted horizontally. Take one section from one side of head near ears, pull across the already inserted horizontal pins, and insert bobby pin cross wise covering the original pins. Take a section from the opposite side and repeat.
Criss Cross Half Up/Half Down with Low Bun

Cute Summer Hairstyles

Same as above but twist remainder of hair then wrap all of it into a low bun. Secure with many bobby’s until confident. (usually takes me about 5-10).
Simple Side Pull Back

Cute Summer Hairstyles

Pull hair from deep part to opposite side and secure with fun bobby’s. (I used Bijoux by Allison – Golden Leaf)
Side Twisted Pull back

Cute Summer Hairstyles

Twist a section of hair from a deep part back incorporating new tiny sections along the way until you are above the opposite ear.
If you guys LOVED those Golden Leaf bobby pins as much as I do, then you are in for a treat! Bijoux by Allison is letting me give away a set to one of you readers!! That’s right, all ya have to do is enter below right here on Carrie’s blog, or hop on over to Latte and Legos today to enter and see even MORE cute summer hairstyles (Not just using bobby pins!)
How do you wear your hair for an easy summer style?
So, get your hot little buns over to my blog asap and get yourself entered to win that loot (you can also enter below). And then stick around for awhile. I think we’ll get to like each other real fast, I can feel it already. See you there beautiful people.

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PSSSS– it’s Carrie again, remember when I told you Stephanie had a secret identity?  Is she a professional model?  A stylist?  A magazine editor?  Nope– she’s a trained meteorologist!  How’s that for blowing your mind?  You can connect with her on Facebook, Twitter, and

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